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Clinical Embryology. Good Practice, Clinical Biology, Assisted Reproductive Technologies, and Advanced Laboratory Skills 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781032216577
ISBN: 9781032216577
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Clinical scientists, embryologists, and reproductive technologists, at all levels, as well as trainees and students interested in assisted reproductive technology and reproductive medicine, will find here a clear synopsis of the best laboratory practice, clinical biology, assisted reproduction techniques, and advanced practical skills they will need to know as clinical practitioners. Expert embryologists and trainers contributed to the essential material as well as a number of advanced topics.

Key features:

  • Offers a clear synopsis of the clinical biology, laboratory skills, and best practice for the trainee embryologist
  • Provides the ideal reference resource for those undertaking postgraduate training to become a clinical embryologist
  • Gives access to the views of expert embryologist and trainers


Foreword – Simon Fishel

List of contributors

  1. Laboratory Design – Tyl Taylor and Alison Campbell. 2. IVF Cell Culture:  VOCs and Air Quality – Alicia Urrutia and Kathryn C. Worrilow. 3. Laboratory Equipment and Consumables – Louise Best and Walid E Maalouf. 4. Staffing in the IVF laboratory – Alison Campbell. 5. Evidence Based Practice in Reproductive Medicine – Alison Richardson and Kanna Jayaprakasan. 6. Quality Control and Management – Amy Barrie. 7. Analysis, Reporting and Presentation of Findings – Amy Barrie. 8. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) – Debra Bloor. 9. Anatomy and physiology of mammalian reproductive system – Ishita Mishra. 10. Epigenetics and ARTs – Walid Maalouf. 11. Folliculogenesis and Oogenesis – Juan Hernandez-Medrano and Marianna Belmpa. 12. Spermatogenesis, spermiation and the human sperm – Vipul Batra, Nader Eid, Hannah L. Morgan, and Adam J. Watkins. 13. Fertilisation and pre-implantation embryo development – Andrew Thomson, Lyndon Miles, and Kimberly Higgins. 14. The Endometrium, Implantation and Placental Development – Tom Bamford and Claudia Passaro. 15. Fetal development and sex differentiation – Juan Hernandez-Medrano. 16. Recurrent Implantation Failure and Miscarriage – Yealin Chung. 17. Infertility: Definition, referral, and Initial Consultation – Charlotte Palmer. 18. Ovarian stimulation protocols – Pedro Melo. 19. Oocyte Retrieval and Evaluation – Bryony Swift. 20. Selection, Semen Analysis, and Preparation – Sue Montgomery. 21. Fertilisation Methods – Sue Montgomery and Ruth Arnesen. 22. Embryo culture methods and metabolic requirements – Rachel Smith. 23. Ethics and the law in embryology – Gillian Lockwood. 24. The patient experience through an IVF treatment cycle – Charmian Short. 25. Non-Invasive Markers of Gamete and Embryo Quality – Catherine Pretty. 26. Embryo Transfer procedures and decisions – Kathryn Berrisford. 27. Data and Patient Management in the IVF Laboratory – Rebecca Oakley and Louise Best. 28. Genomics and Genetic Counselling: considerations and challenges with IVF patients – Karen Sage and Valerie Shaikly. 29. Third Party Reproduction – Selina Wilkinson and Louise Kellam. 30. Add-ons: critical evaluation of supplementary treatments – Charlotte Palmer. 31. Cryobiology and cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos – Louise Best. 32. In Vitro Maturation (IVM) And Artificial Oocyte Activation (AOA) – Walid E Maalouf and Juan Hernandez Medrano. 33. ICSI: micromanipulation setup, consumables, and operational procedure – Louise Best. 34. Embryo Biopsy and Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) – Lucy Jenner and Colleen Lynch. 35. Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) – Walid E Maalouf and Mathew Tomlinson. 36. Time-Lapse Embryo Culture Systems and Morphokinetics in Clinical Embryology: A brief overview on the evolution of embryo scoring system – Rachel Smith and Walid E Maalouf. 37. Abnormal cleavage, self-correction of aneuploidy and decision-making regarding embryo fate – Natalie Davis and Alison Campbell. 38. Artificial intelligence application in the ART laboratory – Walid E Maalouf and Rachel Smith.