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Clinical Handbook for the Management of Mood Disorders

ISBN: 9781107024632
ISBN: 9781107024632

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This Clinical Handbook for the Management of Mood Disorders will equip clinicians with the knowledge to refine their diagnostic skills and implement treatment plans for mood disorders based on the most up-to-date evidence on interventions that work. Covering the widest range of treatments and techniques, it provides clear guidance for the management of all types and subtypes of both minor and major depression. Chapters cover the latest and most innovative treatments, including use of ketamine, deep brain stimulation and transcranial magnetic stimulation, effective integration of pharmacological and psychotherapeutic approaches, as well as providing a thought-provoking look at the future research agenda and the potential for reliable biomarkers. This is the most comprehensive review of depression available today. Written and edited by leading experts mostly from Columbia University, this is an essential resource for anyone involved in the care and treatment of patients with mood disorders.

  • Covers all types of mood disorders, enabling the clinician to refine diagnostic skills and implement a treatment plan based on the most current scientific evidence
  • Highlights new treatments and the role of specific medicines, brain stimulation therapies and psychotherapies allowing the clinician to better determine the potential therapeutic place of a particular intervention
  • Reviews future promise of brain imaging, genetics and other tests for diagnosis and selecting the treatment the patient is most likely to respond to


Part I. Introduction:
1. Models of depression Steven P. Roose, Patrick J. McGrath and J. John Mann
2. Diagnosis of mood disorders Michael B. First and Jean Endicott
3. Dysthymia and chronic depression David J. Hellerstein and Jordan W. Eipper
Part II. Medical Management:
4. Management of adult major depressive disorder J. John Mann, Steven P. Roose and Patrick J. McGrath
5. Atypical depression Jonathan W. Stewart
6. Psychotic depression Barnett S. Meyers and Jimmy N. Avari
7. Pharmacologic and somatic treatments for bipolar depression Lucas Giner, S. Aiden Kelly and Maria A. Oquendo
8. Medication treatment of mania: acute and preventive David A. Kahn
9. Treatment of mood disorders in later life Steven P. Roose and Devangere P. Devanand
10. Chronic depression James H. Kocsis and Benjamin D. Brody
11. Pediatric depression David A. Brent
12. Therapeutics of pediatric bipolar disorder Robert A. Kowatch, Melissa P. DelBello and Barbara L. Gracious
13. Depression in the context of physical illness Peter A. Shapiro, Philip R. Muskin and Emily Gastelum
14. Mood disorders in the context of borderline personality disorder Eric A. Fertuck, Megan S. Chesin and Barbara H. Stanley
15. Depression in the context of pregnancy Margaret G. Spinelli and Carolyn Broudy
16. Depression and the menstrual cycle Benicio N. Frey, Luciano Minuzzi, Roberto Sassi and Meir Steiner
17. Depression in the context of alcoholism and other substance use disorders Edward V. Nunes, Jr and Frances R. Levin
18. Complementary and alternative treatments for mood disorders Drew Ramsey, M. Elizabeth Sublette and Philip R. Muskin
Part III. Psychotherapies for Mood Disorders:
19. Cognitive behavior therapy Michael E. Thase
20. Interpersonal therapy Myrna M. Weissman, Annie E. Rabinovitch and Helena Verdeli
21. Dialectical behavioral therapy for mood disorders Barbara H. Stanley and Megan S. Chesin
22. The psychodynamic treatment of mood disorders Deborah L. Cabaniss, Diana E. Moga and Aerin M. Hyun
23. Combining medication and psychotherapy in the treatment of depression Bret R. Rutherford and Steven P. Roose
Part IV. Specific Modalities of Treatment:
24. Electroconvulsive therapy Joshua Berman and Joan Prudic
25. Transcranial magnetic stimulation and deep brain stimulation Sarah H. Lisanby and Moacyr A. Rosa
26. Chronotherapeutics: light therapy, wake therapy, and melatonin Michael Terman and Jiuan Su Terman
27. Ketamine in treatment-resistant depression Kyle Lapidus and Sanjay J. Mathew
Part V. The Promise of Biomarkers and Response Prediction:
28. Brain imaging Ramin V. Parsey and Martin J. Lan
29. Pharmacogenetics and mood disorders Gonzalo Laje and Francis J. McMahon
30. Electrophysiological predictors of clinical response to antidepressants Gerard E. Bruder, Craig E. Tenke and Jürgen Kayser
Part VI. Future Directions:
31. Future directions Patrick J. McGrath, Steven P. Roose and J. John Mann