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Clinical Insights for Image-Guided Radiotherapy Prostate

ISBN: 9780367507220
ISBN: 9780367507220
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This book provides a clinical insight into image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) for prostate cancer. It starts by setting the clinical scene, discussing immobilisation and standard IGRT practice and then considering important developments like IGRT with non-ionising radiation, adaptive radiotherapy, particle therapy, margins, hypofractionation, clinical outcomes, AI and training.

Good IGRT requires both technical and clinical focus.  So, in complement to our first study guide on IGRT, this book now brings together key, clinical insights into IGRT for Prostate Cancer patients, with a view to helping the professional learn more about ‘how-to’ undertake IGRT for these patients more accurately, effectively and safely, throughout the whole course of a patient’s treatment with radiation.

This clinical insight guide  will be of interest to newly qualified radiation therapists, therapeutic radiographers, medical dosimetrists, medical physicists, radiotherapy physicists and clinical oncologists. It will also be of use for trainees and can be used alongside continuing competency and clinical training within real clinical departments and radiation therapy centres worldwide.

This is the first in a forthcoming series of clinical insights, each tackling a different treatment area. Further areas in the series will be: Head and Neck; Thorax; Breast; Pelvis; and the Brain.

Key Features:

•         Internationally applicable, clinically focused, up-to-date and evidence based.

·         Accompanied by suitable electronic multimedia resources.

·         Authored by experts with decades of experience of pioneering electronic portal imaging and IGRT in clinical practice, pedagogic research and substantial experience of teaching/supervising students, trainees and qualified therapists/medical physicists at bachelors, postgraduate and doctoral levels.


Chapter 1: Setting the Scene. Chapter 2: Prostate Immobilization. Chapter 3: Prostate standard imaging. Chapter 4: IGRT using non-ionizing radiation. Chapter 5: Change response and adaptive radiotherapy. Chapter 6: Particle therapy. Chapter 7: Margins. Chapter 8: Hypofractionated regimes. Chapter 9: Clinical outcomes. Chapter 10: Artificial intelligence. Chapter 11: Training. Index.