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Clinical Manual of Emergency Pediatrics


ISBN: 9781316648636

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες


Ημ. Έκδοσης






23-28 ημέρες


Extensively updated, with chapter revisions and an array of new material, the Sixth Edition of this Clinical Manual offers an indispensable resource on Emergency Pediatrics. Incorporating the latest guidelines concerning a wide range of conditions, the text is an up to date and practical resource for use at the point of care. Providing critical information in all sites where sick and injured children receive treatment – from emergency departments to private offices and primary care settings – this Sixth Edition enables first-rate care. • Fully updated with current knowledge and guidance within the field • New topics include Ovarian Emergencies, Bedside Ultrasound, Zika Virus and Commercial Sexual Exploitation among others • Clear guidance enables effective patient evaluation and follow-up • Streamlined chapters, with increased use of tables to enable readers to locate critical information rapidly. Successful and trusted for more than 30 years, this updated handbook is a key resource for pediatricians, emergency medicine physicians, family practitioners, and trainees.

  • With significant updates, the sixth edition reflects evolving knowledge in the field and includes many new chapters
  • It is portable and written in the active tense, telling the provider specifically what they need to do at the point of care
  • For use in all sites where sick and injured children receive care, from emergency departments to private offices and primary care settings
  • format: Paperback
  • dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
  • contains: 52 b/w illus


1. Resuscitation Waseem Hafeez, Michele Fagan and Theresa Maldonado
2. Allergic emergencies Stephanie Jennings
3. Cardiac emergencies Michael H. Gewitz and Irfan Warsy
4. Dental emergencies Farhad Yeroshalmi
5. Dermatologic emergencies Alexandra McCollum and Joshua Sherman
6. Ear, nose, and throat emergencies Daran Kaufman and Jeffrey Keller
7. Endocrine emergencies Aviva Sopher, Sandra J. Cunningham, Morri Markowitz and Tamar Baer
8. Environmental emergencies Anthony J. Ciorciari, Haamid Chamdawala and Katherine J. Chou
9. Gastrointestinal emergencies Sari Kay, Michelle Tobin and Sandra J. Cunningham
10. Genitourinary emergencies Sandra J. Cunningham
11. Gynecologic emergencies Dominic Hollman, Elizabeth M. Alderman and Anthony J. Ciorciari
12. Hematologic emergencies Mark Weinblatt
13. Infectious disease emergencies Keri Cohn, Michael Russo, Carmelle Tsai and Alexandra Vinograd
14. Ingestions Stephen Blumberg, Vincent Nguyen and Katherine J. Chou
15. Neurologic emergencies Soe Mar
16. Ophthalmologic emergencies Caroline Lederman and Martin Lederman
17. Orthopedic emergencies Sergey Kunkov, James Meltzer and Katherine J. Chou
18. Physical abuse Kristin Fortin and Olga Jimenez
19. Psychological and social emergencies Scott Miller and Loretta Sonnier
20. Pulmonary emergencies Sergey Kunkov and Sandra J. Cunningham
21. Radiology C. Anthoney Lim, James Meltzer, Robert Acosta and Dan Barlev
22. Renal emergencies Sandra J. Cunningham and Beatrice Goilav
23. Rheumatologic emergencies Joyce Hui-Yuen and Noé Romo
24. Sedation and analgesia Sandra J. Cunningham, Katherine J. Chou and Robert M. Kennedy
25. Trauma Anthony J. Ciorciari
26. Wound care and minor trauma Anthony J. Ciorciari
27. Special considerations in pediatric emergency care Joshua Vova,
Kirsten Roberts, Frank A. Maffei, Daniel Rogers and David Sole.