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Clinical Neuroanatomy, 30th Edition

ISBN: 9781264583621
ISBN: 9781264583621
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A comprehensive, highly-visual guide to neuroanatomy and its functional and clinical applications

Engagingly written and extensively illustrated, Clinical Neuroanatomy provides an accessible synopsis of neuroanatomy and its functional and clinical implications. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the structure and function of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. This authoritative guide illustrates clinical presentations of disease processes involving specific structures, explores the relationship between neuroanatomy and neurology, and reviews advances in molecular and cellular biology and neuropharmacology as related to neuroanatomy. The book features case studies and hundreds of visual images, including CT and MRI scans, block diagrams showing muscle actions, root-by-root and nerve-by-nerve images of sensory areas and muscle intervention, and more.

This updated edition features:

  • “Essentials for the Clinician” information boxes that make essential points even clearer
  • A discussion of the latest advances in molecular biology and cellular biology in the context of neuroanatomy
  • A unique chapter on “Introduction to Clinical Thinking” that puts neuroanatomy in clear clinical perspective
  • Summary listings at the end of each chapter
  • Block diagrams illustrating the actions of each muscle
  • Clear root-by-root and nerve-by-nerve illustrations of sensory areas and muscle intervention
  • Coverage of the basic structure and function of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves
  • Appendix topics including neurologic examination, testing muscle function, and spinal nerves and plexuses
  • Case studies demonstrating how concepts apply to real-world situations
  • A complete practice exam to assess your knowledge