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Clinical Orthopedic Examination of a Child

Συγγραφείς: Nirmal Raj Gopinathan
ISBN: 9780367001445

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Its always been said, “Children are not young adults,” and the examination of a child needs to be conducted with emphasis on the physiologic differences in a growing child. Clinical Orthopedic Examination of a Child focuses on pediatric examination, a topic not much explored in the regular orthopedic texts. A childs difficulty in verbally expressing his symptoms needs to be kept in mind during the examination, thus the examining surgeon has to be very observant in picking up even minor details that could help in diagnosis. This book serves as an essential companion to orthopedic surgeons, general practitioners, and professionals as well as being a welcome addition in pediatric orthopedic clinics.

Key Features

  • Reviews an unexplored topic of Pediatric Orthopedic examination with comprehensive clarity
  • Has an algorithmic approach with step-by-step descriptions, complete with illustrations
  • Provides helpful tips and insights to orthopedic surgeons, professionals, and trainees for accurate diagnosis and treatment