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Clinical Study Guide for the Oral Boards in Psychiatry 4th Edition

ISBN: 9781585624126
ISBN: 9781585624126

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The oral boards are a professional milestone that often feel like a millstone around the necks of intimidated candidates, as they survey the mountains of material they are expected to have mastered. “The Clinical Study Guide for the Oral Boards in Psychiatry” removes the burden of reviewing multiple texts and journals by compiling all the pertinent clinical information candidates must know to prepare for the exam into one concise, yet comprehensive guide. Everything that may be asked by the examiners is contained in this volume. Organized by class of disorder, the book takes the reader through the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria, clinical issues, etiology, prognosis, differential diagnosis and treatment for each type. It also provides indispensable insight into the clinical interview which is the core of the examination, emphasizing the importance of empathy, establishing rapport, and building trust with the patient. Finally, the author acknowledges and compensates for the limitations candidates may face due to the clinical setting in which they practice by focusing on the types of patients most likely to present for the oral boards. “The Clinical Study Guide for the Oral Boards in Psychiatry” has reached the fourth edition for good reason: It is the most user-friendly, comprehensive, and effective tool on the market.