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Color Atlas of Pediatric Dermatology


ISBN: 9780071792257

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23-28 ημέρες


More than 1,000 superb full-color photographs help you diagnose common and rare pediatric skin disorders

Weinbergs Color Atlas of Pediatric Dermatology, Fifth Edition delivers an unsurpassed collection of more than 1,000 full-color images that provide invaluable guidance for the diagnosis of both common and rare skin disorders of neonates, infants, and children. Trusted by clinicians for more than forty years, this classic reference has been hailed for its clear, high-quality, full-color photographs and concise yet informative textual summaries.

For each condition reviewed in the text, one or more clinical photographs are included, making differential diagnosis faster, easier, and more accurate. A brief, yet thorough overview of important clinical features, etiology, prognosis, and the most current therapeutic approaches is included for each disorder illustrated. Every page reflects the books magnificent atlas format, with photographs linked to concise text that authoritatively describes the condition illustrated in each image, along with, in most cases, a one-sentence summary of suggested treatment protocols.


• More than 400 new full-color images to facilitate speedy diagnosis
• New treatment modalities are included when applicable, reflecting the very latest clinical findings and treatment guidelines
• Revised and refreshed legends throughout the text highlight the latest thinking in pediatric dermatology practice
• An essential resource for patient education

If you are searching for an up-to-date, time-tested, visual resource that has been enthusiastically received by your colleagues in dermatology and pediatrics, your search ends here.


Section 1: Benign Neonatal Dermatoses
Section 2: Milia, Miliaria, and Pustular and Acneiform Disorders
Section 3: Bacterial Infections
Section 4: Spirochetal, Protozoal, and Mycobacterial Diseases
Section 5: Viral and Rickettsial Diseases
Section 6: Fungal Infections
Section 7: Bites and Infestations
Section 8: Allergic, Eczematous, Irritant, and Light-Related Dermatoses
Section 9: Papulosquamous, Lichenoid, and Perforating Disorders
Section 10: Nutritional and Metabolic Disorders
Section 11: Genodermatoses
Section 12: Ichthyoses and Disorders of Keratinization
Section 13: Urticarial, Purpuric, and Vascular Reactions
Section 14: Bullous, Pustular, and Ulcerating Diseases
Section 15: Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Disease
Section 16: Cutaneous Manifestations of HIV Infection
Section 17: Disorders of the Dermis (Infiltrates, Atrophies, and Nodules)
Section 18: Drug Eruptions
Section 19: Panniculopathies
Section 20: Vascular and Lymphatic Dysplasias
Section 21: Neoplastic Diseases
Section 22: Adnexal Dysplasias
Section 23: Benign and Malignant Pigmented Lesions
Section 24: Miscellaneous Pigmentary Disorders
Section 25: Artifacts
Section 26: Disorders of Nails and Hair
Section 27: Miscellaneous Anomalies