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Complications and Outcomes of Assisted Reproduction


ISBN: 9781107055643

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Ημ. Έκδοσης






23-28 ημέρες


Approximately five million children have been born worldwide as a result of assisted reproductive technology (ART). These techniques are now practised independently in most of the worlds nations. Although the vast majority of ART parents and children are healthy following the procedures involved, there is an imperative to maintain a high standard of practice and monitor outcomes carefully. Interpretation of outcome data is difficult for a variety of reasons. As ART technologies evolve and new variants are established, the need for robust assessment of outcomes increases. This book gives a thorough review of potential complications of ART, with detailed analysis of outcome data for the various conditions described. A worldwide perspective is given throughout, with an international team of chapter authors.

  • Examines the clinical and laboratory complications and impacts of assisted reproductive technology (ART) at all stages, from patient preparation to birth
  • Discusses outcomes from the pregnancies of ART and possible mechanisms for development of malformations
  • Identifies surgical and medical interventions that could potentially be hazardous
  • format: Hardback
  • dimensions: 253 x 193 x 15 mm
  • weight: 0.66kg
  • contains: 85 b/w illus.


1. Ovarian cancer following use of clomiphene and gondadotropin in assisted reproduction Amin Philip Makar
2. Congenital anomalies following assisted reproductive technology Barbara Bosch and Alastair G. Sutcliffe
3. Extra-uterine pregnancy after artificial reproductive technology Jan Gerris and Steven Weyers
4. Minimizing multiple pregnancy after assisted reproductive technology Jan Gerris
5. Prevention of multiple pregnancy after IUI and ovarian stimulation Frank Vandekerckhove
6. Obstetric complications of twin pregnancy following assisted
reproductive technology David Jackson, Brian Brocato and David F. Lewis
7. Selection of a single embryo for transfer Jana Liebenthron and Markus Montag
8. Complications of oocyte retrieval in assisted reproduction Elie Moubarak and Johnny Awwad
9. Ultrasound monitoring in ART: have we made any progress? Frank Vandekerckhove and Jan Gerris
10. Complications of polycystic ovary syndrome in assisted reproduction
technology Ioannis E. Messinis, Christina I. Messini, George Anifandis
and Konstantinos Dafopoulos
11. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome Botros Rizk
12. Genetics of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome Botros Rizk, Rola Fawzi Q. Turki and Adel Abuzenadah
13. Prediction and prevention of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome Annick Delvigne
14. Treatment of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome Botros Rizk, Candice
P. Holliday, Shaima Elbakhit Albasha and Daniel Antonious
15. Elimination of OHSS by GnRH agonist and freezing embryos Basil Tarlatzis, Julia K. Bosdou and Stratis Kolibianakis
16. Ethical and legal issues arising from complications of ART Gamal I. Serour and Bernard M. Dickens
17. Complications of gestational surrogacy Peter R. Brinsden
18. Complications of male fertility surgery for sperm retrieval in the azoospermic male Amr Abdel Raheem and David Ralph
19. Impediments, challenges and hurdles for lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender persons seeking reproductive medicine Petra De Sutter
20. Political emotions and reproductive medicine: from individual suffering to European regulation