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Core Topics in Airway Management 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9781108419536
ISBN: 9781108419536
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Management of the airway is an important and challenging aspect of many clinicians’ work and is a source of complications and litigation. The new edition of this popular book remains a clear, practical and highly-illustrated guide to all necessary aspects of airway management. The book has been updated throughout, to cover all changes to best practice and clinical management and provides extensive coverage of the key skills and knowledge required to manage airways in a wide variety of patients and clinical settings. The best of the previous editions has been preserved, whilst new chapters on videolaryngoscopy, awake tracheal intubation, lung separation, airway ultrasonography, airway management in an epidemic and many more have been added. This is an essential text for anyone who manages the airway including trainees and specialists in anaesthesia, emergency medicine, intensive care medicine, prehospital medicine as well as nurses and other healthcare professionals.

  • Contains just what the clinically working health care worker needs to know to practice safe and efficient airway management
  • Part of the successful Core Topics brand, this third edition has a wide appeal
  • Fully revised and updated to account for changes in knowledge, equipment, guidelines and best practice including a chapter on the principles of airway management in respiratory epidemics


Section 1. Airway Management: Background and Techniques:
1. Anatomy John Picard
2. Physiology of Apnoea, Hypoxia and Airway Reflexes Andrew D. Farmery and Jeremy A. Langton
3. The Epidemiology of Airway Management Complications Johannes M. Huitink and Tim Cook
4. Structured Planning of Airway Management J. Adam Law and Thomas Heidegger
5. Pre-anaesthetic Airway Assessment Carin A. Hagberg, Gang Zheng and Pierre Diemunsch
6. Pre-anaesthetic Airway Endoscopy, Real and Virtual William Rosenblatt and Imran Ahmad
7. Ultrasonography for Airway Management Wendy H. Teoh and Michael S. Kristensen
8. Oxygenation: Before, During and After Airway Management Søren Steemann Rudolph and Anil Patel
9. Awake Tracheal Intubation Charlotte Vallentin Rosenstock and Iljaz Hodzovic
10. Drugs for Airway Management Lars S. Rasmussen
11. How to Avoid Morbidity from Aspiration of Gastric Content to the Lungs Richard Vanner and Tak Asai
12. Face Mask Ventilation Adrian Matioc
13. Supraglottic Airways Tim Cook
14. Tracheal Intubation: Direct Laryngoscopy Keith Greenland and Richard Levitan
15. Tracheal Tube Introducers (Bougies), Stylets and Airway Exchange Catheters Massimiliano Sorbello and Iljaz Hodzovic
16. Tracheal Intubation Using the Flexible Optical Bronchoscope P. Allan Klock, Jr, Mridula Rai and Mansukh Popat
17. Videolaryngoscopy Lorenz Theiler, Tim Cook and Michael Aziz
18. Expiratory Ventilation Assistance and Ventilation through Narrow Tubes Michiel W.P. de Wolf and Michael S. Kristensen
19. Multimodal Techniques for Airway Management Pierre Diemunsch, Pierre-Olivier Ludes and Carin A. Hagberg
20. Front of Neck Airway (FONA) Paul A. Baker, Laura V. Duggan and Dietmar Enk
21. Extubation Viki Mitchell and Richard Cooper
Section 2. Airway Management: Clinical Settings and Subspecialties:
22. The Airway in Obstetrics Wendy H. Teoh and Mary C. Mushambi
23. The Paediatric Airway Morten Bøttger and Narasimhan Jagannathan
24. Airway Management in Obesity Daniela Godoroja, Marie Louise Rovsing and Jay B. Brodsky
25. Maxillofacial and Dental Surgery Hanne Abildstrøm and Brian Jenkins
26. Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery: Airway Management Basem Abdelmalak and Anil Patel
27. Lung Separation Jay B. Brodsky
28. Airway Management in the Critically Ill Andy Higgs and Audrey De Jong
29. The Patient with a Tracheostomy Brendan McGrath and Sheila Nainan Myatra
30. Pre-hospital and Trauma Airway Management Leif Rognås and David Lockey
31. Airway Management during CPR Jerry P. Nolan and Jasmeet Soar
32. The Bloody and Bleeding Airway Michael S. Kristensen and Barry McGuire
33. The Airway in Anaesthesia for Transoral Robotic Surgery Rasmus Winkel and Michael S. Kristensen
Section 3. Airway Management: Organisation:
34. Departmental and Hospital Organisation Lauren Berkow and Alistair McNarry
35. Training in Airway Management Mark R. W. Stacey
36. Human Factors in Airway Management Mikael Rewers and Nicholas Chrimes
37. Decontamination of Airway Equipment Subrahmanyan Radhakrishna
38. Airway Management in a Respiratory Epidemic or Pandemic Tim Cook and Massimiliano Sorbello