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Coughlin and Mann’s Surgery of the Foot and Ankle, 2-Volume Set, 10th Edition

ISBN: 9780323833844
ISBN: 9780323833844
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The 10th edition of Coughlin and Mann’s Surgery of the Foot and Ankle delivers state-of-the-art, comprehensive coverage of the full range of foot and ankle disorders in an easy-to-manage, two-volume format. Authoritative guidance on every major aspect of the treatment and management of foot and ankle disorders and diseases helps you achieve consistent, optimal outcomes for your patients. With content covering biomechanics, examination, diagnosis, non-operative and operative treatment, and post-operative management, you have all the guidance you need to take your knowledge and skills to the next level.
Key Features
  • Covers all key topics in foot and ankle surgery, including ankle reconstruction and total ankle arthroplasty, external/internal fixation, management of complex foot deformities, nerve disorders, arthroscopic techniques, postoperative protocols for all surgical techniques, and more.
  • Provides expanded coverage of minimally invasive surgery, ankle arthroscopy, and biologics.
  • Features a consistent, structured chapter layout across the two volumes for quick and easy reference.
  • Offers access to revised online features, including streamlined, refreshed, and all-new video content—more than 120 videos in all.
  • Contains updated images and design as well as revised pearls and key points boxes throughout.
  • An eBook version is included with purchase. The eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures and references, with the ability to search, customize your content, make notes and highlights, and have content read aloud.


1 Biomechanics of the Foot and Ankle
2 Principles of the Physical Examination of the Foot and Ankle
3 Imaging of the Foot and Ankle
4 Scientific Evidence-Based Foot and Ankle Care
5 Non-surgical Treatment of Foot and Ankle Conditions
6 Regional Anesthesia for the Foot and Ankle
7 Hallux Valgus
8 Hallux Varus and Complications of Bunion Repair
9 Lesser Toe Deformities
10 Bunionettes
11 Sesamoids and Accessory Bones of the Foot
12 Plantar Heel Pain
13 Keratotic Disorders of the Plantar Skin
14 Toenail Abnormalities
15 Soft Tissue Disorders of the Foot
16 Dermatology of the Foot and the Lower Extremity
17 Soft Tissue and Bone Tumors
18 Disorders of the Nerves
19 Congenital and Acquired Neurologic Disorders
20 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
21 Arthritis of the Foot
22 Ankle Arthritis and Arthrodesis
23 Ankle Replacement
24 Avascular Necrosis and Total Talus Replacement
25 Hindfoot and Pantalar Arthritis
26 Midfoot Arthritis
27 Hallux Rigidus and Other Forefoot Arthritis
28 Disorders of Tendons
29 Pes Planus
30 Pes Cavus
31 Ring External Fixation in the Foot and Ankle
32 The Diabetic Foot and Neuroarthropathy
33 Infections of the Foot and Ankle
34 Amputations of the Foot and Ankle
35 Lower Limb Prosthetics
36 Athletic Soft Tissue Injuries of the Foot and Ankle
37 Achilles Tendon Injuries
38 Stress Fractures of the Foot and Ankle
39 Arthroscopy of the Foot and Ankle
40 Osteochondral Defects
41 Congenital Foot Deformities
42 Soft Tissue Reconstruction for the Foot and Ankle
43 Pilon Fractures
44 Ankle Fractures and Dislocations
45 Fractures of the Calcaneus
46 Talus Fractures and Peri-talar Dislocations
47 Fractures and Dislocations of the Midfoot and Forefoot