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Cracking the MRCS Part A A Revision Guide

ISBN: 9781032245126
ISBN: 9781032245126
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A unique revision guide aimed at candidates preparing for the MRCS examinations. The Part A exam tests knowledge of both basic science and the principles of surgery in general, and this textbook contains all the essential facts in one easy-to-read volume.

There is a focus on the most common questions asked pertaining to anatomy (representing 42% of the MRCS Part A paper 1) as well as other common areas frequently asked about in both the Part A and B examinations, although the focus of this book is the Part A examination. The Anatomy coverage includes line diagrams, short easy-to-recall text and bullet point lists to ensure that revision time is maximised for exam success. High-yield content in the areas of Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology and Mathematics is also included.

The content has been designed specifically to help junior doctors memorise essential surgical facts,and further provides a convenient aide-memoire that will save hours of note taking.This will be particularly useful in the pressured run up to the MRCS examination.


Section 1 Anatomy. The Upper Limb and Breast. The Lower Limb. The Abdomen and Pelvis. The Thorax.The Head & Neck. The Nervous System and Special Senses. Section 2 Physiology. A-Z of Core Topics.Section 3 Pathology. General Surgery. Breast and Endocrine. Vascular Surgery. Urology. Orthopaedics.Paediatric Surgery.ENT. Haematology.Section 4 Pharmacology A-Z of Core Topics. Section 5 Maths for the MRCS.Practice Questions with Answers.