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Critical Care Compendium. 1001 Topics in Intensive Care & Acute Medicine

ISBN: 9781009237420
ISBN: 9781009237420
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Uncommon clinical problems can present serious challenges in any medical specialty, particularly in those areas providing acute care. Bringing together all uncommon problems relevant to the treatment of seriously ill patients in a quick one-stop reference, this book is an easy-to-use and practical reference for the clinician at any level faced with an uncommon acute medical problem at the bedside. Using a popular A-Z format, over 1000 entries reflect the current breadth of the specialty’s extension to hospital-wide issues of acute care. Each topic contains both essential diagnostic and treatment information and discusses the implications for intensive care management. Extensive cross-referencing throughout aids rapid access to key information and the use of cartoons enhances learning. The book offers a source of reference for the many issues so often overlooked in major textbooks, which can be difficult not only to locate elsewhere but also for experienced clinicians to remember in detail. An invaluable resource within a single volume for intensivists, anaesthetists, emergency specialists, and a wide range of other healthcare professionals.

  • Focuses on the less common topics, which have been conveniently collected into a single volume and arranged alphabetically to ensure that reference is fast and easy for clinicians
  • The topics are comprehensive in range, and they cover all relevant subspecialties
  • Individual topics contain up-to-date literature references from relevant journals and other sources, supporting further in-depth reading for those requiring additional detail or perspective


A-Z of 1001 topics in Intensive care and acute medicine