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Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy Vol 1 General Anatomy, Upper and Lower Limbs Seventeenth Edition

ISBN: 9780198923343
ISBN: 9780198923343
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17η έκδοση

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The 17th edition of this renowned anatomy text covers all the gross anatomy competencies required by the National Medical Council of India curricula. Volume 1 provides a clear, up-to-date and complete guide to general anatomy and the anatomy of upper and lower limbs. Five new chapters on general anatomy, osteology and surface marking gives students easy-to-read and well-illustrated accounts of these topics for learning and exam preparation.

Richly illustrated and packed with dissection boxes, clinical examples, and application boxes this text helps readers to easily learn anatomy in the dissection lab, classroom, and hospital. Now in it’s 17th edition, it combines anatomical expertise with contemporary learning.

Purchasers of the 17th edition can access the online version of the book with 50 multiple choice questions and extra image-based revision content in an online appendix (see inside cover for details). Reader friendly, Cunningham’s brings expert anatomical teaching to the modern-day student of medicine, dentistry, and allied health sciences.

  • Is clearly written with easily understandable language
  • Includes colour anatomical images and radiology images
  • Ensures dissections include learning outcomes and clear step-by-step instructions
  • Makes direct links to clinical medicine via coloured clinical text and clinical application boxes

New to this Edition:

  • Covers the gross anatomy competencies required by the National Medical Council of India
  • Includes 5 new chapters on General Anatomy, Osteology, and Surface Marking
  • Free access code to the online version provides bonus multiple-choice questions
  • Provides a list of where NMC competencies are addressed in the text


Part 1 General anatomy
1:General anatomy
2:MCQs on general anatomy
Part 2 The upper limb
3:Introduction to the upper limb
4:Osteology of the upper limb
5:The pectoral region and axilla
6:The back
7:The free upper limb
8:The shoulder
9:The arm
10:The forearm and hand
11:The joints of the upper limb
12:The nerves and nerve injuries of the upper limb
13:Surface marking of the upper limb
14:MCQs on the upper limb
Part 3 The lower limb
15:Introduction to the lower limb
16:Osteology of the lower limb
17:The front and medial side of the thigh
18:The gluteal region
19:The popliteal fossa
20:The back of the thigh
21:The hip joint
22:The leg and foot
23:The joints of the lower limb
24:The nerves and nerve injuries of the lower limb
25:Surface marking of the lower limb
26:MCQs on the lower limb
27:Answers to MCQs