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Cutaneous Drug Hypersensitivity. Clinical Features, Mechanisms, Diagnosis, and Management

ISBN: 9783030827458
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This book covers all aspects of hypersensitivity to drugs, providing practical information for non-specialist physicians as well as addressing issues of interest to practitioners in different specialties and presenting the expert knowledge required by specialist allergists and immunologists. The opening, general section discusses basics such as clinical manifestations, histopathology, mechanisms, risk factors, drug hypersensitivity in particular populations, and the full range of diagnostic methods. The second part of the book provides concise information on the most important drug classes and guides the reader on how to proceed when patients present with a suspected reaction. For each drug class, the current level of evidence for use of the different diagnostic tools, including skin tests, provocation tests, and in vitro tests, is clarified, and management options, outlined. The inclusion of helpful tables and algorithms is designed to aid in decision making. Drug hypersensitivity is among the more complex allergological issues, and this book will meet the needs of general practitioners, internists, and specialists.