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Dale’s Pharmacology Condensed, 3rd Edition


ISBN: 9780702078187

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11-14 ημέρες


Covering the essential basic science and principles of pharmacology using concise text and diagrams, Dales Pharmacology Condensed, 3rd Edition, presents the key facts and concepts that are key to understanding how drugs work and their underlying pathophysiological processes. Each chapter provides an organized, consistent approach to efficient learning and retention of complex information. This concise text is an ideal companion volume to Rang and Dales Pharmacology, as well as a stand-alone condensed textbook or review book for exams.

Weight: 510.00 grams Pages: 176 Illus: Approx. 134 illustrations (134 in full color) Size: 216 X 276 mm Product Type: Softcover


Section 1: Pharmacology and Drug Use

1 Preface

2 Pharmacology, Drug Names, and Classification



Section 2: Fundamentals of Pharmacology


3 General Principles of Drug Action

4 Molecular Aspects of Drug Action

5 Pharmacokinetic and Other Factors Influencing Drug Action

6 Pharmacodynamics and the Measurement of Drug Action


Section 3: Drug Development


7 Drug Discovery and the Development of Small Molecules

8 Drug Discovery and the Development of Biologicals

9 Drug Safety, Toxicology, and Pharmacovigilance

10 Regulation of Drug Use


Section 4: Drug Actions on Body Systems


11 Outline of Transmission and Drug Action in the Nervous System

12 Drugs and Neurological Disorders

13 Drugs and Pain

14 Drugs and the Cardiovascular System

15 Drugs and Blood: Haematopoiesis and Haemostasis

16 Drugs and the Inflammatory and Immune Response

17 Drugs and the Endocrine and Metabolic Systems

18 Drugs and the Renal System

19 Drugs and the Pulmonary System

20 Drugs and the Musculoskeletal System

21 Drugs and the Gastrointestinal System

22 Drugs and the Kidney and Genitourinary System

23 Drugs and the Skin

24 Drugs and the Eye

25 Drugs and the Ear

26 Drugs Used in Anaesthesia

27 Drug Use in Disorders of Nutrition

28 Drug Use in Dentistry


Section 5: Drugs to Treat Infectious Diseases and Neoplasms


29 Antiviral Drugs

30 Antibacterial Drugs

31 Antifungal Drugs

32 Drugs and Parasites: Anti-protozoal and Antihelminthic Drugs

33 Drugs and Cancer


Section 6: Drugs in the Community


34 Prescribing and Personalising Drug Treatments

35 Venoms, Toxins, Poisons, and Herbs

36 Drug Dependence and Drug Abuse