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Decision-Making in Dermatology, 1st Edition

ISBN: 9780443107238
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Think systematically and follow a logical sequence throughout the steps of diagnostic decisions with Decision-Making in Dermatology. This valuable resource is perfect for dermatologists and trainees, as well as internists and family medicine physicians who need to make informed decisions about their patients’ care on a day-to-day basis. Practical and easy to use, it’s filled with work-up and diagnostic algorithms and clinical images that provide easy-to-follow guidance when encountering patients whose clinical presentation is unfamiliar or complex. Each point-of-care algorithm represents a common dermatologic disorder or disease, and offers a concise visual representation that clearly guides you through the steps of efficient and effective decision making.
New to this edition
Key Features
  • Contains more than 90 algorithms covering commonly encountered dermatologic symptoms and signs.
  • Outlines the key decision points in patient work-up, providing a wealth of systematic information that ensures you take into account the physical signs and test results that will guide your diagnosis.
  • Presents an algorithm on one page and instructional text for key nodes within the algorithm on the facing page, with clinical images incorporated throughout.
  • Provides step-by-step guidance for diagnosis of eczematous rashes, urticarial rashes, palmoplantar pustules, mucosal ulcers, localized and disseminated vesicles/bullae, isolated erythema, hair disorders, vascular anomalies, and much more.
  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices. Additional digital ancillary content may publish up to 6 weeks following the publication date.