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Dermatology for Advanced Practice Clinicians: A Comprehensive Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment, 2nd Edition, International Edition

ISBN: 9781975147839
ISBN: 9781975147839

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The newly updated, abundantly illustrated Dermatology for Advanced Practice Clinicians: A Comprehensive Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment, 2nd Edition is your comprehensive, evidence-based guide to accurate and successful assessment, diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases.

Focusing on the most common and most serious skin conditions, this expertly written guide offers essential dermatology knowledge for managing a broad range of conditions, while addressing all topics needed for certification exam study. With expert guidance on treating infections, lesions, wound care, inflammation, and more, this is the ideal foundation for both new and experienced advanced practice clinicians.

Improve your diagnostic accuracy, dermatology knowledge and skills with evidence-based guidance for management:

  • NEW and updated scientific evidence that supports correct diagnoses and treatment
  • NEW organization – Sections and chapters grouped based on visual characteristics, anatomical location of condition, or by symptom or patient complaint
  • More than 600 colorful, high-resolution photos that support prompt, accurate diagnoses
  • Numerous charts, tables and detailed images followed by evidenced-based algorithms, pharmacologic management pearls, and NCAA guidelines for treatment of infections
  • Practical support for everyday challenges – Clearly worded definitions and descriptions of common presentations
  • Easy-to-follow format for those in primary care, but comprehensive enough for those in full-time dermatology
  • Explains pathophysiology and patient management topics in easy-to-remember terms, including:
    • Fundamentals – Structure and function of skin, exam approaches, morphology, dermatologic therapeutics, and photobiology, photoprotection and photodermatoses
    • Skin Tumors – Pigmented lesions and melanoma, precancerous and nonmelanoma skin cancers, benign neoplasms
    • Acne and related disorders
    • Red and Scaly Disorders – Seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, erythroderma, and others
    • Infectious Skin Diseases – Superficial fungal and bacterial infections, viral infections, sexually transmitted disease, HIV and the skin
    • Infestations, Stings and Bites
    • Drugs, Hives and Angioedema – Adverse cutaneous drug reactions
    • Inflammatory Skin Diseases – Treating blisters, inflammatory skin disease, vasculitis and purpura
    • Specialized Skin Structures – Hair disorders; nail disorders; oral cavity, lips, gums, and tongue; genital dermatoses
    • Childhood Skin Disorders
    • Common Wound Care Procedures
  • Chapter features include:
    • Differential Diagnosis – Boxes featuring the most likely differential diagnoses
    • Clinical Pearls – Highlighting key points from clinical experts on disease management, including pharmacology
    • Skin Findings and Non-Skin Findings – Bullet points under Clinical Presentation
    • Management and Patient Education – Bullet points containing prognosis and complications, patient education, follow-up, and referral and consultation topics