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Dermatology in Pediatrics First edition

ISBN: 9781975235383
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Highly illustrated and easy to use, Dermatology in Pediatrics, by Drs. Donald Shenenberger, Bernard Cohen, Jonathan Glass, and Joel Spitz, is a practical, everyday reference not only for dermatologists and dermatology residents, but also for pediatricians, family medicine physicians, and other clinicians who care for children. For each dermatologic condition, you’ll find a two-page spread: on the left is concise, templated information on diagnosis and management; on the right are full-color illustrations and clinical photographs that provide real-world visual guidance. From cover to cover, an easy-to-navigate, open, and visually appealing layout speeds you to the information you need.

  • Covers more than 130 different dermatologic conditions commonly seen in the pediatric population, arranged by location and/or description rather than by diagnosis
  • Includes 55 conditions associated with the neonate contained in a separate section
  • Features 300 full-color illustrations and clinical photographs throughout
  • Breaks each topic down into easy-to-digest sections for quick reference: Pathogenesis, Key Features, Differential Diagnosis, Lab Data, Management, Prognosis, and Pearls
  • Contains a unique ”What Parents Ask” feature for each disease, as well as supporting resources and references you can share with parents

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