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Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health. Translating Science to Practice Third Edition

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The ultimate guide to dissemination and implementation research for public health, medicine, and the social sciences

In the past twenty years, dissemination and implementation (D&I) research has sought to narrow the gap between the discovery of new knowledge and its application in public health, mental health, and health care settings. The challenges of moving research to practice and policy are universal, and future progress calls for collaborative partnerships and cross-country research. The fundamental tenet of D&I research-taking what we know about improving health and putting it into practice-must be the highest priority.

Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health is the definitive roadmap to effecting change in health and science from today’s leading D&I researchers. With insights from around the globe, these scholars collectively address key issues in the field including how to evaluate evidence based on effective interventions, how to design an appropriate study, and how to track a set of essential outcomes. Their work has been updated in this third edition with a strong focus on health equity and new chapters on de-implementation, scale-up and sustainment, and training and capacity building. This new edition also focuses on barriers to uptake of evidence-based interventions in the communities where people live their lives and from the social service agencies, hospitals, and clinics where they receive care.

Now in its third edition, Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health remains the quintessential guide to making research more consequential for researchers and practitioners in health and the social sciences.

  • A practical guide to dissemination and implementation research (D&I), or the study of how scientific research is implemented in everyday life
  • Assembled and authored by the leading voices in D&I research covering the most actionable and essential aspects of the science
  • Offers tools and methods to move research into practice and policy with greater speed and efficacy
  • Relevant to students and professionals across the sciences, health, medicine, and government


Foreword by David Chambers
Section 1: Background

1. The Promise and Challenges of Dissemination and Implementation Research
Michelle Silver, Graham A. Colditz, and Karen M. Emmons
2. Terminology for Dissemination and Implementation Research
Borsika A. Rabin, Clare Viglione, and Ross C. Brownson
Section 2: Theory and Conceptual Foundations

3. Historical Roots of Dissemination and Implementation Science
James W. Dearing, Kerk F. Kee, and Tai-Quan Peng
4. The Conceptual Basis for Dissemination and Implementation Research: Lessons From Existing Theories, Models, and Frameworks
Rachel G. Tabak, Per Nilsen, Eva Woodward, and David A. Chambers
5. Ethical Issues in Dissemination and Implementation Research
James M. DuBois and Beth Prusaczyk
Section 3: Strategies and Methods

6. Implementation Strategies
JoAnn E. Kirchner, Thomas J. Waltz, Byron J. Powell, Eva N. Woodward, Jeffrey L. Smith, and Enola K. Proctor
7. Fidelity and Its Relationship to Effectiveness, Adaptation, and Implementation
Rachel C. Shelton, Prajakta Adsul, Karen M. Emmons, Laura A. Linnan, and Jennifer D. Allen
8. Adaptation in Dissemination and Implementation Science
Ana A. Baumann, Shannon Wiltsey Stirman, and Leopoldo J. Cabassa
9. The Role of Organizational Processes in Dissemination and Implementation Research
Gregory A. Aarons, Mark G. Ehrhart, Rebecca Lengnick-Hall, and Joanna C. Moullin
10. Participatory Approaches in Dissemination and Implementation Science
Shoba Ramanadhan, Melinda Davis, Tiffany Donaldson, Elecia Miller, and Meredith Minkler
11. The Role of Economic Evaluation in Dissemination and Implementation Research
Alex R. Dopp, Simon Walker, and Ramesh Raghavan
12. Missing the Target-Mis-implementation and De-implementation
Virginia R. McKay, Callie Walsh-Bailey, Sara Malone, Collin McGovern, and Daniel J. Niven
13. Systems Science Methods in Dissemination and Implementation Research
Douglas A. Luke, Alexandra B. Morshed, Virginia R. McKay, and Todd B. Combs
Section 4: Design and Measurement

14. Design and Analysis in Dissemination and Implementation Research
Geoffrey M. Curran, Justin D. Smith, John Landsverk, Wouter Vermeer, Edward J. Miech, Bo Kim, Gracelyn Cruden, Maria E. Fernandez, and C. Hendricks Brown
15. Measurement Issues in Dissemination and Implementation Research
Cara C. Lewis, Kayne Mettert, Enola K. Proctor, and Ross C. Brownson
16. Furthering Dissemination and Implementation Research: Paying More Attention to External Validity Through an Equity Lens
Katy E. Trinkley, Demetria M. McNeal, Meredith P. Fort, Lawrence W. Green, and Amy G. Huebschmann
17. Evaluation Approaches for Dissemination and Implementation Research
Bridget Gaglio and Russell E. Glasgow
18. Mixed-Methods Evaluation in Dissemination and Implementation Science
Lawrence A. Palinkas, Brittany Rhoades Cooper, Jessenia De Leon, and Erika Salinas
Section 5: Setting- and Population-Specific Dissemination and Implementation

19. Dissemination and Implementation Research in Community and Public Health Settings
Stephanie Mazzucca-Ragan, Eric M. Wiedenman, and Cynthia A. Vinson
20. Dissemination and Implementation in Social Service Settings
Alicia C. Bunger, Lisa A. Juckett, Rebecca Lengnick-Hall, Danielle R. Adams, and J. Curtis McMillen
21. Implementation Science in Healthcare
Alison B. Hamilton and Arleen Brown
22. Health Dissemination and Implementation Within Schools
Rebekka M. Lee, Andria B. Eisman, and Steven L. Gortmaker
23. Dissemination and Implementation Research in the Workplace
Peggy A. Hannon, Rebecca J. Guerin, Christine M. Kava, and Jeffrey R. Harris
24. Policy Dissemination and Implementation Research
Jonathan Purtle, Erika L. Crable, Gracelyn Cruden, Mathew Lee, Rebecca Lengnick-Hall, Diana Silver, and Ramesh Raghavan
25. Health Equity in Dissemination and Implementation Science
Stephanie L. Fitzpatrick, Beth A. Glenn, O. Kenrik Duru, and Chandra L. Ford
26. Implementation Science in the Global Context: Novel Applications and Bidirectional Opportunities
Elvin H. Geng, Mosa Moshabela, and Olakunle Alonge
Section 6: Dissemination and Scale-Up
27. Designing for Dissemination and Sustainability: Principles, Methods, and Frameworks for Ensuring Fit to Context
Bethany M. Kwan, Douglas A. Luke, Prajakta Adsul, Harriet Koorts, Elaine H. Morrato, and Russell E. Glasgow
28. Enhancing Dissemination Through Marketing and Distribution Systems: A Vision for Public Health
Niko Verdecias, Joseph T. Steensma, Matthew W. Kreuter, and Jay M. Bernhardt
29. Scale-up and Sustainment of Effective Interventions
Luke Wolfenden, Rachel Sutherland, Rachel C. Shelton, Sze Lin Yoong, and Nicole Nathan
30. Training and Capacity Building in Dissemination and Implementation Science
Rachel Davis, Nick Sevdalis, and Ana A. Baumann