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Dizziness and Vertigo Across the Lifespan

ISBN: 9780323551366
ISBN: 9780323551366

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Get a quick, expert overview of dizziness and vertigo from childhood through old age with this concise, practical resource. Drs. Bradley W. Kesser and Tucker Gleason have assembled a leading team of experts to address timely clinical topics of interest to otolarynologists and other health care providers who see patients with these common problems.

Illus: Approx. 100 illustrations (100 in full color) Size: 197 X 240 mm Product Type: Hardcover


Kesser: Dizziness and Vertigo Across the Lifespan

Section 1: Introduction to Dizziness

1. Dizziness Demographics and Population Health

2. Clinical Examination of the Dizzy Patient in the Context of Contemporary Diagnostic Techniques


Section 2: Pediatric

3. Development of the Vestibular System and Balance Function: Differential Diagnosis in the Pediatric Population

4. Assessment Techniques for Vestibular Evaluation in Pediatric Patients

5. The Predominant Forms of Vertigo in Children and Their Associated Findings on Balance Function Testing


Section 3: Adolescent and Adult

6. Dizziness and Vertigo in the Adolescent

7. Evaluation of Dizziness in the Litigating Patient

8. vHIT

9. Positional Vertigo: As Occurs Across All Age Groups

10. Vestibular Neuritis

11. Migraine-Associated Vertigo

12. Superior Canal Dehiscence

13. Menieres Disease: A Challenging and Relentless Disorder

14. Uncommon causes of disequilibrium in the adult


Section 4: Elderly

15. Baroreflexes

16. Vertebrobasilar Infarcts and Ischemia

17. Dizziness in the Elderly

18. Medication-Related Dizziness in the Older Adult

19. Vestibular Rehabilitation of Older Adults with Dizziness