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Dorland’s Dictionary of Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations, 8th Edition

ISBN: 9780323932608
ISBN: 9780323932608
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Quick, convenient shortcuts abound in the language of every health care setting, but these abbreviations and acronyms can be confusing and, if misunderstood or misused, can hinder effective communication. Dorland’s Dictionary of Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations, 8th Edition, takes the uncertainty out of using and interpreting the thousands of terms used in a multitude of medical specialties. Arranged alphabetically for quick reference, this up-to-date Dorland’s dictionary is an essential resource for virtually any medical abbreviation you may encounter.
Key Features
  • Provides more than 90,000 comprehensive definitions for acronyms, abbreviations, and symbols—in one reliable, easy-to-manage reference.
  • Contains COVID-19-related acronyms and abbreviations, both in a stand-alone section and incorporated throughout.
  • Includes many new terms from a wide variety of fields such as billing and coding, pharmacy, pediatrics, epidemiology, microbiology, veterinary medicine, new medical societies and associations, and health-related government agencies.
  • Features a separate section on symbols used as abbreviations.
  • Lists abbreviations to avoid, including Joint Commission and Institute for Safe Medication Practices abbreviations that are not to be used.
  • eBook version included with purchase. Your eBook allows you to access to the contents of this book on a variety of devices.


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