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Dyslipidemias in Kidney Disease

ISBN: 9781493905140
ISBN: 9781493905140

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  • Comprehensive resource that fills a significant knowledge gap
  • Features the latest clinical evidence and management guidance
  • Chapters authored by leaders in the field

Dyslipidemia in chronic kidney disease is a common clinical problem and growing in prevalence.  With the recent publication of clinical practice guidelines on the management of lipid related disorders in patients affected by chronic kidney disease, an up-to-date and comprehensive resource of evidence-based literature is needed. Dyslipidemias in Kidney Disease captures the growing body of information on this subject matter. This book presents the latest clinical evidence and management guidance for patients of various demographics and stages of chronic kidney disease.  Written for the nephrologist community, as well as cardiologists and general practitioners, this guide will provide practical knowledge and fill a much needed void in the literature.


Prevalence of dyslipidemia in general and in the CKD patient.- Lipid Nephrotoxicity: New Concept for an Old Disease.- Hyperlipidemia a risk factor or protective for progression of CKD in nondibetics.- How lipid lowering agents works: The good, the bad and the ugly.- CVD in CKD – Focus on the dyslipidemia problem.- The CKD patient with dyslipidemia.- Review of Clinical Trials pertaining to dyslipidemias in CKD.- Lifestyle modifications in the management of dyslipidemias in CKD.- Lipid-Lowering Medication Does Adjustments for Reduced Kidney Function.- Non-statins therapies for CKD with dyslipidemia.- Dyslipidemia in dialysis.- Dyslipidemia in the Kidney Transplant Patient.- Dyslipidemia in the Patient with Nephrotic syndrome.- Dyslipidemias in the Pediatric CKD Patient.- Dyslipidemias in the Geriatric CKD Patient.- Dialysis modalities in dyslipidemia.- Review of current guidelines.