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EACVI Handbook of Cardiovascular CT

The European Society of Cardiology Series
ISBN: 9780192884459
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The European Society of Cardiology Series

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Since its clinical introduction almost 20 years ago, cardiac CT has been embraced as an indispensable noninvasive cardiac imaging modality and an important first-line test for coronary artery disease. Beyond coronary artery disease, the potential of cardiac CT has become evident for diagnosis and guidance of treatment in a variety of other cardiac pathologies, including valvular disease, atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias, endocarditis, cardiac masses, cardiomyopathies, and others.
The European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) has declared as one of their foremost priorities to facilitate education and training in cardiovascular CT through teaching courses, congresses, and a structured certification program. This handbook represents an important step towards dissemination of skills and knowledge in cardiovascular CT. It is a concise and practical companion, to benefit students, trainees or advanced users; cardiologists, radiologists, cardiac surgeons or technicians, in their everyday practice.
Four broad sections cover technical aspects and physical background, coronary indications (e.g. coronary CT angiography, atherosclerosis imaging, stents & bypasses, functional CT imaging, etc.), non-coronary indications (CT for valve disease, infective endocarditis, CT of the left atrium, congenital heart disease, cardiac masses, extracardiac findings, etc.), and finally training and competence in cardiac CT. The handbook features short chapters, enriched with illustrations, tables and condensed summaries, facilitating rapid and intuitive access.

  • Concise – Short text, easy reading, ideal as an every day companion
  • Structured – 4 sections with 40 chapters, easy access to desired content
  • Compact – Small size, compact, fits in lab coat pocket
  • Highly illustrated – Key information visualized in figures, tables, and graphs
  • Tips and tricks – included to improve CT imaging


1.Technical background, patient preparation, quality/safety
1.1:Key hardware components, Marcel van Straten, Sebastian Vandermolen, and Francesca Pugliese
1.2:Technical specifications, Ulrike Haberland and Thomas Allmendinger
1.3:Physical background of radiation, Alexia Rossi, Martina DeKnegt, and Jens Hove
1.4:Patient selection and preparation, Ronak Rajani and Mihaly Karolyi
1.5:Scanner setup and image acquisition protocols, Ulrike Haberland, Thomas Allmendinger, and Francesca Pugliese
1.6:Image reconstruction, post-processing and analysis, Jamal Khan, Sarah Moharem-Elgamal, and Francesca Pugliese
1.7:Radiation exposure, Anna Beattie and Francesca Pugliese
1.8:Image artifacts, Oliver Gaemperli
1.9:Tips and tricks to improve image quality, Mohamed Marwan and Mihaly Karolyi
1.10:Contrast agents and injection protocols, Casper Mihl and Bibi Martens
1.11:Challenging scenarios, Ricardo Budde, Sarah Moharem-Elgamal, and Francesca Pugliese
2. Indications: Coronary artery disease
2.1:Coronary artery calcium Imaging, Martin Willemink
2.2:Coronary CT angiography interpretation and reporting, Balint Szilveszter, Csilla Celeng, Richard Takx, and Pál Maurovich-Horvat
2.3:Patients with chronic coronary syndrome, Tessa Genders
2.4:CT-based fractional flow reserve, Domenico Mastrodicasa
2.5:Myocardial perfusion and scar imaging, Koen Nieman and Gianluca Pontone
2.6:Atherosclerotic plaque imaging, Marton Kolossvary
2.7:Stents and bypass grafts, Sujana Balla and Koen Nieman
2.8:Coronary anomalies, Andrew Chang, Ian Rogers, and Koen Nieman
2.9:Patients with acute coronary syndrome, Admir Dedic and Murat Arslan
2.10:Graft vasculopathy in transplanted hearts, Andrea Bartykowszki
3. Non-CAD indications
3.1:Ventricular dimensions and function, Richard Takx and Csilla Celeng
3.2:Cardiac reference values, Giuseppe Muscogiuri
3.3:Aortic valve disease, Giuseppe Muscogiuri
3.4:Preprocedural aortic valve assessment, Marco Guglielmo
3.5:Mitral valve disease, Marco Guglielmo
3.6:Postprocedural valve assessment, Andrea Baggiano
3.7:Left atrium and pulmonary veins, Marco Guglielmo
3.8:Infective endocarditis, Andrea Baggiano
3.9:Great thoracic vessels, Michael Messerli
3.10:Adult congenital heart disease, Andreas Giannopoulos
3.11:Cardiomyopathies, Dominik Benz
3.12:Cardiac masses, Andreas Giannopoulos
3.13:Pericardial disease, Sarah Moharem
3.14:Implanted cardiac devices, Dominik Benz
3.15:Extracardiac findings, Michael Messerli
3.16:Artificial intelligence, Marton Kolossvary
4. Training and competence in cardiac CT
4.1:EACVI certification standards in Cardiac CT, Andrea Baggiano