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ECG Interpretation for the Clinical Exercise Physiologist Second edition

ISBN: 9781975182366
ISBN: 9781975182366
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Written specifically for clinical exercise physiologists, ECG Interpretation for the Clinical Exercise Physiologist, 2nd Edition, provides an introduction to basic concepts and measurements followed by in-depth explorations of rhythm and atrioventricular blocks and key topics including infarct, hypertrophy, axis, and conduction defects. Accompanying exercise-related case studies make this engaging text an ideal review resource for certification prep as well as a guide to success in practice.

Enhancements to this 2nd Edition include a new design that improves readability and clarity, expanded study support through updated examples and case study questions, as well as additional interpretation practice opportunities that ensure understanding and boost clinical confidence.

  • Enhanced and enlarged ECGs offer ample practice interpreting ECGs.
  • New ECG interpretation walk-throughs at the end of each chapter reinforce interpretation skills with step-by-step guidance.
  • A new stress testing case studies chapter alerts students to commonly encountered issues in the practice of clinical exercise physiology.
  • Clinical vignettes frame chapter content in a clinical context and allow students to practice applying concepts to real-world scenarios.
  • Online resources clarify key concepts and test students’ retention with an updated question bank.
  • Quizzes at the end of each chapter test students’ understanding and interpretation capabilities.

Lippincott® Connect features:

  • Full access to the digital version of the book with the ability to highlight and take notes on key passages for a more personal, efficient study experience.
  • Carefully curated resources, such as interactive diagrams, audio and video tutorials, and self-assessment, all designed to facilitate further comprehension.

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