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Essential Geriatrics 4th Edition

ISBN: 9781032135298
ISBN: 9781032135298
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4η έκδοση

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In an ageing society, developing high-quality healthcare for older people becomes increasingly important. This revised and updated fourth edition focuses on the key aspects of ageing and healthcare for older people, especially those with moderate to severe frailty. It has expanded sections on the key topics of frailty and medicines optimisation with evidence from critically appraised clinical trials formulated into practical guidance for management. It details the non-pharmacological management of cognitive disorders and models of person-centred care. Additional topics of acute coronary syndromes and COVID-19 have also been added in this comprehensive text for healthcare professionals.

Key Features

  • Provides practical therapeutic advice including deprescribing decisions for all medication types.
  • Presents statistics in more clinically meaningful ways – i.e. number needed to treat and no p-values, to aid the process of shared decision-making for clinicians and professionals.
  • Includes 200 revised questions and answers throughout the text in the ‘best of five’ format suitable for the SCE and similar higher-training exams.


PART A: Healthcare for older people

1 Ageing

2 Care

3 Medications

4 Peri-operative medicine

5 Palliative care

Questions for Part A


PART B: Brain

6 Dementia

7 Delirium

8 Depression

9 Movement disorders

10 Stroke

Questions for Part B


PART C: Bladder and bowel

11 Urinary tract disorders

12 Bowel disorders

Questions for Part C


PART D: Falls and related topics

13 Dizziness

14 Falls

15 Syncope

16 Bones and fractures

Questions for Part D


PART E: Cardiovascular and respiratory

17 Heart failure

18 Hypertension

19 Atrial fibrillation

20 Acute coronary syndromes

21 Chest

Questions for Part E


PART F: Selected topics


    • Anaemia



    • Arthritis



    • Cancer



    • Epilepsy



    • Hypothermia



    • Leg ulcers



    • Motor neuron disease



    • Myopathy



    • Pressure ulcers



    • Type 2 diabetes


Questions for Part F


APPENDIX A: Rating scales

APPENDIX B: Abbreviations

APPENDIX C: Answers to questions