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Essential Psychopharmacology: the Prescriber’s Guide: Antipsychotics and Mood Stabilizers

ISBN: 9780521616355
ISBN: 9780521616355

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In response to the rapid developments in pscyhopharmacology, this is a spin-off from Stephen Stahls new completely revised and updated edition of his much acclaimed Prescribers Guide. It covers the 20 most important drugs in use today for psychosis and mood stabilization. From a review of the first Prescribers Guide: … The clinical tips and pearls that are found in each entry are invaluable – not only are dosing guidelines provided, but also the authors educated and respected opinion regarding potential advantages and disadvantages of each drug. The books major strength is its readability and user friendliness. The art of psychopharmacology is finally given the space it deserves. …This guidebook is an excellent source of information for the art of prescribing psychotropic medications and belongs in every clinicians library. The Annals of Pharmacotherapy