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Essential Skills for Physiotherapists, 1st Edition. A personal and professional development framework

ISBN: 9780443111280
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Essential Skills for Physiotherapists: A Personal and Professional Development Framework explores the vital intrapersonal and interpersonal skills that physiotherapists need for continuous growth. These are rarely taught in academic courses, clinical training, and other physiotherapy textbooks – but they make all the difference for our patients!

Non-clinical, ‘soft’ skills are crucial ingredients for a successful and exciting career in physiotherapy – and are transferable to other walks of life, and other professions. This book introduces the reader to trainable skills such as leadership, wellbeing, career mapping and habit building. Other topics range from building a personal brand, interdisciplinary thinking, communication, networking, and relationship building. The real challenge in our profession is often integrating knowledge and theory to practice – and this book unpacks how to implement these skills in different settings, to support clinical practice and professional development.

This unique resource is based on the curriculum from the successful education and mentoring platform, The Learning Physiotherapist (TLP), which compiles life lessons from a diverse range of world-leading international physiotherapists. Learn from elite professional sport, public and private healthcare practitioners, researchers, and academics from environments such as Liverpool FC, Cirque du Soleil, Isokinetic Medical Group, San Antonio Spurs, NHS, Aspetar and the IRFU.

Learn directly from these renowned industry leaders as they share priceless knowledge, learnings from mistakes and invaluable insights.plus ways to seamlessly weave these into your own practical scenarios.

Key Features
  • Provides actionable, practical advice on essential soft skills – an invaluable tool to enhance your practice and career
  • Encompasses core principles of interpersonal skills that are often not covered in academic courses and clinical experience
  • Packed with stories and anecdotes from various experts in real-life work scenarios, as well as tailored networking techniques for today’s healthcare professionals
  • Research-backed content, innovative methods, and high-level academic rigor to improve your own high performance and wellbeing
  • Reflective key points and introspective questions to facilitate deeper understanding and useable takeaways
  • Contributions from TLP mentors and students with experience in professional sport environments, private practice, public healthcare, research, and academia

In the relentless pursuit of healing, amidst therapy rooms and locker rooms, and the battles against pain, one truth stands unwavering: mastery of these essential skills is the linchpin between a physiotherapist’s ambition and their patients’ recovery. Enjoy diving into this journey of personal and professional transformation with Essential Skills for Physiotherapists: A Personal and Professional Development Framework, where the path to excellence begins, one skill at a time.

As Seth Godin, New York Times best-selling author of ‘Purple Cow’ and ‘The Dip’ and marketing thought leader said – “Let’s stop calling them soft skills. They’re real skills. And, they’re learnable”.