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Essentials of Clinical Radiation Oncology, Second Edition

ISBN: 9780826169082
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Updated and expanded, this Second Edition of Essentials of Clinical Radiation Oncology continues to provide a succinct and effective review of the most important studies in the field. Organized by disease topic and grouped by body part, each chapter employs structured sections for targeted information retrieval and retention. Chapters begin with a “Quick Hit” overview of each disease summarizing the most significant paradigms before moving into dedicated summaries on epidemiology, risk factors, anatomy, pathology, genetics, screening, clinical presentation, workup, prognostic factors, staging, treatment paradigm, and medical management. An evidence-based question-and-answer section concludes each chapter, which pairs commonly encountered clinical questions with answers connecting historical context and pertinent clinical studies to better inform decision-making and treatment planning.

Providing the latest treatment paradigms and guidelines, this comprehensive second edition now outlines the evidence and must-know considerations for using radiation therapy with immunotherapy, the strategies for metastasis-directed therapy for oligometastatic disease, and much more. Written for the practicing radiation oncologist, related practitioner, and radiation oncology resident entering the field, this “one-stop” resource is the go-to reference for everyday practice.

Key Features:

  • Structured sections offer high-yield information for targeted review
  • Cites need-to-know clinical studies and treatment guidelines in evidence-based question-and-answer format
  • Each chapter has been reviewed and updated to include the most recent and relevant studies
  • New chapters on spine tumors, thyroid cancer, sinonasal tumors, cholangiocarcinoma, renal cell carcinoma, multiple myeloma and plasmacytoma, miscellaneous pediatric tumors, and treatment of oligometastatic disease from underlying cancers
  • Designed for quick reference with comprehensive tables on treatment options and patient selection, workup, and prognostic factors by disease site
  • Purchase includes digital access for use on most mobile devices or computers




  • 1. Glioblastoma by Aditya Juloori, Jennifer S. Yu, and Samuel T. Chao
  • 2. Anaplastic Gliomas by Shireen Parsai, Martin C. Tom, and Samuel T. Chao
  • 3. Low Grade Gliomas by Martin C. Tom and Erin S. Murphy
  • 4. Meningioma by Martin C. Tom, David J. Schwartz, and Abigail L. Stockham
  • 5. Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma by Ian W. Winter, Samuel T. Chao, and Erin S. Murphy
  • 6. Pituitary Adenoma by Zachary Mayo and John H. Suh
  • 7. Trigeminal Neuralgia by Bindu V. Manyam, Vamsi Varra, and Samuel T. Chao
  • 8. Vestibular Schwannoma by Winston Vuong, Jeffrey A. Kittel, and John H. Suh
  • 9. Uveal Melanoma by Martin C. Tom, Guarav Marwaha, John H. Suh, and Arun D. Singh
  • 10. Spine Tumors by Sarah S. Kilic, Ehsan H. Balagamwala, and Samuel T. Chao
  • 11. Oropharynx Cancer by Shireen Parsai, Aditya Juloori, Nikhil P. Joshi, and Shlomo A. Koyfman
  • 12. Oral Cavity Cancer by Kailin Yang, Bindu V. Manyam, and Neil M. Woody
  • 23. Nasopharyngeal Cancer by Christopher W. Fleming, Shireen Parsai, and Nikhil P. Joshi
  • 14. Laryngeal Cancer by Aditya Juloori, Shauna R. Campbell, and Shlomo A. Koyfman
  • 15. Salivary Gland Tumors by Sarah S. Kilic, Martin C. Tom, Shlomo A. Koyfman, and Nikhil P. Joshi
  • 16. Carcinoma of Unknown Primary of the Head and Neck (HCNUP) by Monika E. Shukla and Jeffrey A. Kittel
  • 17. Postoperative Radiation for Head and Neck Cancer by Timothy D. Smile and Carryn M. Anderson
  • 18. Thyroid Cancer by James R. Broughman and Nikhil P. Joshi
  • 19. Sinonasal Tumors by Timothy D. Smile and Neil M. Woody
  • 20. Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer by Ian W. Winter, Neil M. Woody, and Shlomo A. Koyfman
  • 21. Malignant Cutaneous Melanoma by Sarah S. Kilic, Aditya Juloori, and Nikhil P. Joshi
  • 22. Mycosis Fungoides by Vamsi Varra, Matthew C. Ward, and Gregory M. M. Videtic
  • 23. Early-Stage Breast Cancer by Kailin Yang, Rahul D. Tendulkar, and Chirag Shah
  • 24. Locally Advanced Breast Cancer by Christopher W. Fleming, Yvonne D. Pham, and Rahul D. Tendulkar
  • 25. Ductal Carcinoma In Situ by Timothy D. Smile, Rahul D. Tendulkar, and Chirag Shah
  • 26. Recurrent Breast Cancer by Ian W. Winter, Camille A. Berriochoa, and Chirag Shah
  • 27. Early-Stage Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer by Sarah S. Kilic, by Guarav Marwaha, Kevin L. Stephans, and Gregory M. M. Videtic
  • 28. Stage III Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer by Aditya Juloori, Matthew C. Ward, and Gregory M. M. Videtic
  • 29. Small-Cell Lung Cancer by Camille A. Berriochoa and Gregory M. M. Videtic
  • 30. Mesothelioma by Sarah M. C. Sittenfeld, Bindu V. Manyam, and Gregory M. M. Videtic
  • 31. Thymoma by Christopher W. Fleming, Jonathan M. Sharrett, and Gregory M. M. Videtic
  • 32. Esophageal Cancer by Camille A. Berriochoa and Gregory M. M. Videtic
  • 33. Gastric Cancer by Bindu V. Manyam, Kevin L. Stephans, and Gregory M. M. Videtic
  • 34. Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Shauna R. Campbell, Neil M. Woody, and Kevin L. Stephans
  • 35. Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma by James R. Broughman and Ehsan H. Balagamwala
  • 36. Rectal Cancer by Ian W. Winter, Ehsan H. Balagamwala, and Sudha R. Amarnath
  • 37. Anal Cancer by Kristine Bauer-Nilson, Aditya Juloori, and Sudha R. Amarnath
  • 38. Cholangiocarcinoma by Christopher W. Fleming, Shauna R. Campbell, and Kevin L. Stephans
  • 39. Low-Risk Prostate Cancer by Timothy D. Smile and Rahul D. Tendulkar
  • 40. Intermediate- and High-Risk Prostate Cancer by Rahul D. Tendulkar, Bindu V. Manyam, and Omar Y. Mian
  • 41. Post-Prostatectomy Radiation Therapy James R. Broughman, Camille A. Berriochoa, and Rahul D. Tendulkar
  • 42. Bladder Cancer by Winston Vuong, Omar Y. Mian, and Rahul D. Tendulkar
  • 43. Testicular Cancer by Zachary Mayo, Ehsan H. Balagamwala, and Rahul D. Tendulkar
  • 44. Penile Cancer by Rahul D. Tendulkar, Rupesh Kotecha, and Omar Y. Mian
  • 45. Urethral Cancer by Rahul D. Tendulkar, Rupesh Kotecha, and Omar Y. Mian
  • 46. Renal Cell Carcinoma by Sarah M. C. Sittenfeld and Rahul D. Tendulkar
  • 47. Cervical Cancer by Sudha Amarnath, Monica E. Shukla, and Sheen Cherian
  • 48. Uterine Cancers by Shireen Parsai, Sarah M. C. Sittenfeld, Michael Weller, and Sudha R. Amarnath
  • 49. Vulvar Cancer by Ahmed Halima and Sudha R. Amarnath
  • 50. Vaginal Cancer by Camille A. Berriochoa and Sudha R. Amarnath
  • 51. Adult Hodgkin’s Lymphoma by Matthew C. Ward and Sheen Cherian
  • 52. Aggressive Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma by James R. Broughman, Matthew C. Ward, and Chirag Shah
  • 53. Indolent Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma by Christopher W. Fleming, Aryavarta M. S. Kumar, and Matthew C. Ward
  • 54. Multiple Myeloma and Plasmacytoma by Kailin Yang and Sheen Cherian
  • 55. Soft Tissue Sarcoma by Shauna R. Campbell, Jonathan Sharrett, Jacob G. Scott, and Chirag Shah
  • 56. Medulloblastoma by Timothy D. Smile, Camille A. Berriochoa, and Erin S. Murphy
  • 57. Ependymoma by Matthew C. Ward, John H. Suh, and Erin S. Murphy
  • 58. Brainstem Glioma by Sarah M. C. Sittenfeld, Jason W. D. Hearn, and John H. Suh
  • 59. Craniopharyngioma by Martin C. Tom, Timothy D. Smile, and Erin S. Murphy
  • 60. Rhabdomyosarcoma by Shauna R. Campbell, Samuel T. Chao, and Erin S. Murphy
  • 61. Neuroblastoma by Charles Marc Leyrer and Erin S. Murphy
  • 62. Wilms Tumor by James R. Broughman and Erin S. Murphy
  • 63. Ewing’s Sarcoma by Kailin Yang, Ehsan H. Balagamwala, and Erin S. Murphy
  • 64. Pediatric Hodgkin’s Lymphoma by Sarah M. C. Sittenfeld and Erin S. Murphy
  • 65. Miscellaneous Pediatric Tumors by Shauna R. Campbell and Erin S. Murphy
  • 66. Brain Metastases by Shauna R. Campbell, Martin C. Tom, and John H. Suh
  • 67. Bone Metastasis by Ehsan H. Balagamwala, Samuel T. Chao, and Andrew Vassil
  • 68. Malignant Spinal Cord Compression by Camille A. Berriochoa and Bindu V. Manyam
  • 69. Superior Vena Cava Syndrome by Kailin Yang and Gregory M. M. Videtic
  • 70. Palliative Radiotherapy by Matthew C. Ward and Justin J. Juliano
  • 71. Oligometastatic Disease by Ian W. Winter, Ehsan H. Balagamwala, and Martin C. Tom
  • 72. Radiation Therapy for Benign Diseases by Ahmed Halima and Chirag Shah

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