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Ethics of Sport and Athletics: Theory, Issues, and Application 2e Lippincott Connect Print Book and Digital Access Card Package Second edition

ISBN: 9781975229757
ISBN: 9781975229757
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Bundled with Lippincott® Connect, Ethics of Sport & Athletics: Theory, Issues, and Applications, Second Edition is more informative and approachable than ever. By using multimedia content and customizable assignments, this edition strengthens comprehension and prepares you for success in your course.

Timely, accessible, and focused on practical application, Ethics of Sport & Athletics: Theory, Issues, and Applications, Second Edition, details the theories and mechanics of moral reasoning, ethical and unethical behavior in sport, and the development of moral education through sport. This well-organized, case-based approach to sport-related dilemmas teaches readers how to successfully apply moral reasoning skills in good decision making to ensure confidence in sports management.

Extensively updated with real-world examples drawn from the latest sports headlines, this Second Edition is designed to help readers grapple with the many complicated ethical challenges they’ll encounter in today’s sports professions, including performance enhancement, violence in sports, and racial and gender discrimination. An expanded emphasis on applying knowledge and concepts in sport management further equips readers to confront specific scenarios, ultimately improving the overall moral integrity of sport without diminishing its competitive element.

Lippincott® Connect enhances your student experience in an all-in-one learning solution combining an interactive eBook, multimedia content, and assessment. Instructors can customize the course, create assignments, and track your progress. Students maximize efficiency through valuable feedback and remediation. Key performance insights are reported in a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to tailor your learning experiences.

  • UPDATED Coverage familiarizes you with the most pressing sport-related ethical issues you’ll encounter in practice, including discrimination, drug usage, parental involvement in student athletics and challenges related to online/fantasy sports.
  • NEW Moral Application in Sport Management section equips you with an effective understanding of the emotional intelligence, organization politics, and employee and athlete motivation involved in successful sport management.
  • UPDATED Case studies at the end of each chapter provide essential practice applying ethical reasoning to commonly encountered sport situations.
  • UPDATED Mini-case studies throughout each chapter reinforce ethical concepts with specific, real-world sport examples.
  • NEW Review questions test your comprehension and place chapter concepts in broader sport contexts.
  • Decision-making models boost your confidence in applying concepts to commonly encountered ethical considerations in a sport context.