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Exploring the Gut Microbiome in Cancer. From Biomarkers to Personalized Therapies

ISBN: 9781032706429
ISBN: 9781032706429



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This book explores the relationship between the gut microbiome and cancer, illuminating various facets from fundamental roles to personalized therapies. It provides a comprehensive overview of the impact of the gut microbiome on cancer development, offering potential for innovative diagnostic and treatment approaches. The book discusses the role of dysbiosis in cancer development, the influence of the microbiome on treatment responses, and strategies to modulate the microbiome for enhanced therapies. It also reviews the influence of the gut microbiome on immunotherapy resistance and chemoresistance in cancer patients. Additionally, the book presents gut microbiome biomarkers for cancer diagnosis and prognosis, the implication of the gut-brain axis on cancer development and progression, and the impact of diet and lifestyle on the microbiome. Towards the end, the book investigates the role of the gut microbiome in pediatric cancer and provides an outlook on the future challenges, technological advancements, and ethical considerations of gut microbiome research in the context of personalized cancer therapies. This book is intended for cancer researchers, medical oncologists, clinicians, pharmacologists, translational investigators, and medical students.


Chapter 1. Introduction to the Gut Microbiome and Cancer. Chapter 2. Gut Microbiome Dysbiosis and Cancer Risk. Chapter 3. Gut Microbiome and Cancer Treatment Response. Chapter 4. Gut Microbiome Modulation for Personalized Cancer Therapies. Chapter 5. Gut Microbiome and Immunotherapy Resistance. Chapter 6. Gut Microbiome and Chemotherapy Resistance. Chapter 7. Gut Microbiome Biomarkers for Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis. Chapter 8. Microbial Metabolites and Cancer. Chapter 9. Gut-Brain Axis and Cancer Delving into the intricate connection between the gut and the brain. Chapter 10. Gut Microbiome and Cancer-Related Inflammation. Chapter 11. Diet, Lifestyle, and the Gut Microbiome. Chapter 12. Gut Microbiome and Pediatric Cancer. Chapter 13. Gut Microbiome and Systemic Side Effects of Cancer Therapies. Chapter 14. Gut Microbiome and Precision Medicine in Cancer. Chapter 15. Therapeutic Potential of the Gut Virome in Cancer. Chapter 16. Microbiome-Based Cancer Therapeutics. Chapter 17. Gut Microbiome Engineering for Cancer Therapies. Chapter 18. Future Perspectives and Challenges in Gut Microbiome Research.