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Explosive Blast Injuries. Principles and Practices

ISBN: 9789811928581
ISBN: 9789811928581
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This book presents a systematic summary of a series of achievements of blast injury studies in China and the latest progress in blast injury treatment including injuries caused by various explosion accidents (such as coal mine gas explosion, and chemical explosion) and terrorist bombing around the world over the past three decades. The book not only covers comprehensive introductions to the knowledge and injury theories about explosive shock waves, but also expounds the prevention and treatment of various explosion shock injuries and their complications with generalized summaries.

This book not only contains a diverse range of content, but also immense practicality. It elaborates on the causes of various types of explosion and impact injuries, as well as protection and treatment measures, serving not only as an important basis and technical support for military health service support in modern warfare, but is also extremely important in providing practical value in peacetime disaster prevention, mitigation and relief for patients.