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Fast Facts for the Primary FRCA and EDAIC Basic Science for Anaesthetists

ISBN: 9781032483597
ISBN: 9781032483597
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The Primary FRCA is a marathon exam that requires candidates to concentrate on solving MCQs first and then prepare for the OSCE and SOE viva. The EDAIC Part 1 involves MCQs, and Part 2 uses viva to test candidates. All these exams demand a strong knowledge of basic sciences relevant to anaesthesia. The Fast Facts content aids quick revision in the lead up to the examinations and maximises the chances of exam success.

Covering all the high-yield facts together with concept building, the content ensures that students benefit at all stages of their preparation, especially during the last few weeks before examinations. Past MCQs and core viva concepts have been presented in bullet points, tabular format and diagrams for easy assimilation. The Primary FRCA is shifting towards asking SBAs, and this book covers both the SBA and MTF formats of MCQs. It includes over 180 topics, and is subdivided into sections on Physiology, Pharmacology, Physics and Anatomy.

The key ingredient to get through any exam is confidence. By facilitating timely revision of the entire curriculum, this book makes sure that candidates for both the Primary FRCA and for the EDAIC will enter the examination hall with a positive mindset and comprehensive knowledge of the basic sciences required by anaesthetists.


Chapter 1: Respiratory System Chapter 2: Cardiovascular System Chapter 3: Central Nervous System Chapter 4: Muscle Chapter 5: Gastrointestinal Tract Chapter 6: Endocrine Chapter 7: Metabolism Chapter 8: Blood Chapter 9: Applied Physiology Chapter 10: General Pharmacology Chapter 11: Anaesthetic Pharmacology Chapter 12: Systemic Pharmacology Chapter 13: Applied Physics Chapter 14: Clinical Measurement Chapter 15: Anaesthesia Equipment Chapter 16: Statistics Chapter 17: Anatomy Chapter 18: Miscellaneous