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Fish’s Clinical Psychopathology. Signs and Symptoms in Psychiatry 5th Edition

ISBN: 9781009372695
ISBN: 9781009372695



Ημ. Έκδοσης



5η έκδοση


Κύριος Συγγραφέας

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Psychopathology lies at the centre of effective psychiatric practice and mental health care. Fish’s Clinical Psychopathology has shaped the training and clinical practice of generations of psychiatrists. The fifth edition of this modern classic presents the clinical descriptions and psychopathological insights for which this text is renowned, and adds suggested questions to assist with eliciting key symptoms. It also covers recent revisions of diagnostic classification systems, including the World Health Organization’s ICD-11: International Classification of Diseases. Clear and readable, this new edition provides concise descriptions of the signs and symptoms of mental illness and astute accounts of the varied manifestations of disordered psychological function. Designed for use in clinical practice, this is an essential text for students of medicine, trainees in psychiatry, and practising psychiatrists. It is also useful for psychiatric nurses, mental health social workers, clinical psychologists, and anyone engaged in the expanding field of mental health care.

  • A clear, consistent and reliable text that is easy to read and apply in clinical work, and has been used to train psychiatrists for decades
  • Allows readers to understand psychiatric and psychological symptoms in a deeper and more systematic way
  • Incorporates the most recent diagnostic classification systems such as the ICD-11 and addresses key issues that arise in clinical practice