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Food Allergy: Molecular and Clinical Practice

ISBN: 9780367781996
ISBN: 9780367781996

Ημ. Έκδοσης






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  • Covers methods used to characterize allergenic proteins, including chemical, genetic, immunological approaches and animal models
  • Discusses the interaction of allergenic proteins with the immune system
  • Discusses immunological cross-reactivity among allergens and impact on clinical reactivity
  • Provides epidemiological data on food allergies
  • Reviews different clinical and molecular diagnostic approaches in determining allergic sensitization
  • Presents current literature in the field of molecular immunology and clinical allergology
  • Serves as a guide for laboratory and clinical based scientist in the field of food allergy


Food allergy is an adverse immunological reaction to allergens present in food. Up to 4% adults and 8% children are affected by food allergy. The increase in allergic diseases to food has led to the need for better diagnostics and more effective therapeutic approaches.

This book describes the molecular biology and immunology of major food allergens, from laboratory based science to clinical immunology, encompassing novel characterisation and quantification methods, the application of recombinant food allergens in molecular diagnosis and the development of novel therapeutics. This book is the ideal reference tool for researchers, students and allergy clinicians to accurately diagnose and manage food allergies.


Biommolecular and Clinical Aspects of Food Allergy


Heimo Breiteneder



Nomenclature of Food Allergens


Christian Radauer



Nut Allergy


Dwan Price, Wesley Burks and Cenk Suphioglu



Egg Allergy


Paul J. Turner and Dianne E. Campbell



Fish Allergy


Annette Kuehn and Karthik Arumugam



Recent advances in Diagnosis and Management of Shellfish Allergy


Sandip D. Kamath, Roni Nugraha and Andreas L. Lopata



Anisakis, Allergy and the Globalization of Food


Fiona J. Baird, Yasuyuki Morishima and Hiromu Sugiyama



Occupational Allergy and Asthma Associated with Inhalant Food Allergens


Mohamed F. Jeebhay and Berit Bang



The Influence of Dietary Protein Modification during Food Processing on Food Allergy


Anna Ondracek and Eva Untersmayr



Detection of Food Allergen Residues by Immunoassays and Mass Spectrometry


Sridevi Muralidharan, Yiqing Zhao, Steve L. Taylor and Nanju A. Lee



Recombinant Food Allergens for Diagnosis and Therapy


Heidi Hofer, Anargyros Roulias, Claudia Asam, Stephanie Eichhorn, Fátima Ferreira, Gabriele Gadermaier and Michael Wallner



Peanut Allergy – Biomolecular Characterization for Development of a Peanut T-Cell Epitope Peptide Therapy


Jennifer M. Rolland, Sara R. Prickett and Robyn E. OHehir