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Foot and Ankle Disorders. A Comprehensive Approach in Pediatric and Adult Populations

ISBN: 9783030957407
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This book offers an updated guide to the foot and ankle, and presents them at different ages, which will allow the reader to analyze and understand how the foot develops from the early stages to adulthood. It provides a general overview of the anatomy, biomechanics, diagnosis, surgical approaches, treatment alternatives, and complications in connection with pediatric and adult foot and ankle problems, gathering in-depth information on frequent pathologies in a single source.

Written by world-renowned experts, the book offers various points of view on the topics discussed. This comparative approach is generally lacking in foot and ankle literature, an oversight that the book addresses.

The content consists of 59 chapters, divided into the following major sections: Basic sciences and general considerations, Pediatric orthopedics and traumatology, Adult orthopedics and Adult sports lesions and traumatology.

Foot and Ankle Disorders: A Comprehensive Approach in Pediatric and Adult Populations will be of major interest for orthopedic surgery residents, for orthopedic surgeons who are starting their careers, and for experienced ones seeking updated information on the foot and ankle.