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Foundational Papers in Oculoplastics

ISBN: 9783030927967
ISBN: 9783030927967
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Modern oculofacial plastic surgery as a field is quite young, with the majority of the literature and leaders in the field developing since the 1950s. As such, the body of literature is quite small compared to other fields. Currently, there is no unified source where readers can learn about the core manuscripts that drive clinical decision-making and influence thought.

This book gathers over 50 foundational studies in the oculoplastics field and provides commentary on each study. Discussion of each study includes  the abstract, in-depth commentary on the strengths, limitations, and implications of each paper, and guidance for further reading on the topic with a brief review. A short remark by an author from the paper will provide additional color commentary on the inspirations and challenges involved in conceiving and conducting the study.

Foundational Papers in Oculoplastics is relevant for anyone who is interested in oculoplastics (ophthalmologists, oncologists, plastic surgeons, etc.) and provides a nice overview of the field with interesting personal anecdotes from those who helped establish it.