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Foundations of Kinesiology

Συγγραφείς: Carole Oglesby
ISBN: 9781284198300


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Each new print copy includes Navigate Advantage Access that unlocks a comprehensive and interactive eBook, student practice activities and assessments, a full suite of instructor resources, and learning analytics reporting tools.

Foundations of Kinesiology, Second Edition provides a guided introduction to the discipline and professions of kinesiology using a holistic, learner-centered, and skill-based approach. Thoroughly revised and updated, it explores the core subdisciplines of kinesiology and allows students to explore the research and physical activity contributions that each has to offer.

The learner-centered approach stresses the importance of active engagement and social interaction in the students’ own construction of knowledge, fostering long-term retention of the content, increased motivation, and higher achievement. In using Foundations of Kinesiology, Second Edition, students will have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to achieve their personal and professional goals while becoming advocates for meaningful physical activity and lifelong learning.

  • NEW CHAPTERS – Includes three new chapters, Dance and Kinesiology, History of Sport and Physical Activity, and Have Degree and Passport: Kinesiology Goes Global
  • Includes updated and more in-depth coverage of important topics like climate change effects, intersectionality, the critique of structural power, Challenge Point Frameworks, and basic mechanical principles
  • Includes the ACSM pre-participation health screening guidelines and revised medical clearance criteria
  • Real-life scenarios are highlighted in Part III, Integration of the Pillars, showing the importance of kinesiology to a healthy, joyful life for diverse populations.
  • Stop and Think boxes and Discussion Questions assess learners understanding of key concepts.



Includes Navigate Advantage Access with interactive eBook with quizzes and knowledge checks, student practice activities, flashcards, learning analytics reporting tools, and more!