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Foundations of Medical Physics

ISBN: 9780429194764
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Covering topics in Radiobiology, Modern Physics, Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, Foundations of Medical Physics serves as an introduction to the field of Medical Physics, or Radiation Oncology Physics.

An overview of the history of cancer and cancer treatment along with a brief introduction to the fundamental principles of Radiobiology constitute Part I of this book, which serves as the motivation for the principles of Radiation Therapy, or cancer treatment with radiation.  Part II contains the fundamental ideas from Modern Physics that form the foundation for an understanding of the approaches to treatment used in Radiation Therapy.  Finally, Part III shows the applications of Parts I and II to Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy.

This unusual introduction to Medical Physics is aimed at undergraduate physics majors along with other science majors who have taken at least one year of Physics and one year of calculus, although Medical Physics graduate students and radiation oncology residents may find this different approach to the subject illuminating. This text assumes that the instructor is a physicist who does not necessarily have a background in Medical Physics.


Part I: Motiviation: Cancer and the Basics of Radiobiology

1 An Introduction to Cancer

2 Ionizing Radiation and Cell Survival

3 Cellular Repair and Fractionation

Part II: Foundation: Modern Physics Fundamentals

4 Atomic Physics I: Hydrogenic Atoms

5 Atomic Physics II: Multielectron Atoms

6 Nuclear Physics I: Structure and Stability

7 Nuclear Physics II: Nuclear Reactions and Radioactive Decay

8 Interactions of High-Energy Photons with Matter

9 Interactions of Charged Particles with Matter

Part III: Application: Imaging and Therapy

10 Introduction to Medical Imaging

11 Projection Imaging Modalities

12 Reconstruction Imaging Modalities

13 Overview of Radiation Oncology

14 Ethical Considerations

15 Production of Ionizing Radiation

16 Energy Absorption and Dosimetry

17 Clinical Dosimetry

18 Introduction to External-Beam Treatment Planning

19 Charged-Particle Treatment Planning

20 Treatment Planning and Delivery

21 Special Treatment Techniques

22 Introduction to Brachytherapy

23 Introduction to Unsealed Radionuclides for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy

24 Radiation Protection and Quality Assurance

25 Evolving Topics in Medical Physics