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Functional BOLD MRI

Principles and Applications

ISBN: 9781493919949
ISBN: 9781493919949

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Principles and Applications

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  • Presents the key physical principles and clinical applications of functional BOLD MRI
  • Explores clinical applications of BOLD functional MRI in motor, sensory, language, and cognitive systems 
  • Examines the use of BOLD functional MRI in epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, and psychopharmacology
  • Covers the technical and clinical challenges associated with functional BOLD MRI
This book presents the basic principles and new and emergent clinical applications of BOLD fMRI. It describes the physical principles of BOLD fMRI imaging and reviews scanning methodologies, data analysis, challenges and limitations of BOLD fMRI, neurovascular uncoupling, and functional connectivity. The book also explores current and future clinical applications of BOLD fMRI in the fields of language, memory, fMRI WADA, visual pathway, brain mapping of eloquent cortex, pediatrics, auditory pathways, epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, pharmacological applications, and cognitive neuroscience. It concludes with a discussion of BOLD fMRI paradigms that can be used for clinical and cognitive experiments. Derived from Faro, Mohamed, Law, and Ulmers Functional Neuroradiology: Principles and Applications, this book is a valuable resource for neurologists, cognitive neuroscientists, and neuroradiologists.


Part I              BOLD Functional MRI: Physical Principles


1                    Principles of BOLD Functional MRI            

Seong-Gi Kim and Peter A. Bandettini  


2                    fMRI Scanning Methods  

Alexander B. Pine and Feroze B. Mohamed     

3                    Experimental Design and Data Analysis for fMRI      

Geoffrey K. Aguirre

4                    Challenges in fMRI and Its Limitations     

R. Todd Constable

5                    Neurovascular Uncoupling in Functional MR Imaging      

Jorn Fierstra and David John Mikulis

6                    Functional Connectivity MR Imaging       

Michelle Hampson, Xilin Shen, and R. Todd Constable

7                    Clinical Challenges of Functional MRI      

Nader Pouratian and Susan Y. Bookheimer


Part II             Neuroanatomical Atlas

8                    Neuroanatomical Atlas of Key Presurgical and Cognitive Eloquent Cortex Regions       

Feroze B. Mohamed, Michael Yannes, Muhammed Malik, and Scott H. Faro


Part III           BOLD Functional MRI: Clinical Applications

9                    fMRI of Language Systems: Methods and Applications  

Jeffrey R. Binder    


10                Functional MRI Studies of Memory in Aging, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Alzheimers Disease    

Shannon L. Risacher, Heather A. Wishart, and Andrew J. Saykin



11                fMRI Wada Test: Prospects for Presurgical Mapping of Language and Memory        

Brenna C. McDonald, Jacob Kean, and Andrew J. Saykin


12                fMRI of Human Visual Pathways      

Edgar A. DeYoe, John L. Ulmer, Wade Mueller, Lotfi Hacein-Bey, Viktor Szeder, Mary Jo Maciejewski, Karen Medler, Danielle Reitsma, and Jedediah Mathis 

13                Brain Mapping for Neurosurgery and Cognitive Neuroscience     

Joy Hirsch

14                Pediatric Applications of fMRI       

Nolan R. Altman and Byron Bernal

15                fMRI of the Central Auditory System    

Deborah A. Hall   

16                fMRI of Epilepsy      

Karsten Krakow


17                Applications of fMRI to Psychiatry    

Melissa Lopez-Larson and Deborah A. Yurgelun-Todd   

18                Applications of fMRI to Neurodegenerative Disease  

Shamseldeen Y. Mahmoud, Stephen E. Jones, and Michael D. Phillips    

19                Applications of MRI to Psychopharmacology  

Dan J. Stein, Yihong Yang, and Betty Jo Salmeron    

20                Functional MRI: Cognitive Neuroscience Applications  

Mark DEsposito, Andrew S. Kayser, and Anthony J.W. Chen    

Part IV           BOLD fMRI Paradigms    


21                 BOLD fMRI Paradigms  

Feroze B. Mohamed and Scott H. Faro