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Fundamentals of Hernia Radiology

ISBN: 9783031213380
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This book offers a complete focus on the radiographic analysis of the abdominal wall and hernias. An estimated 20 million hernias are repaired annually throughout the world. As the technology utilized to complete hernia repairs becomes more complex, surgeons are required to have a more thorough understanding of the radiographic anatomy and diagnostic modalities used to evaluate hernias. Furthermore, the amount that now goes into the preoperative planning of hernias for complex repairs (such robotic and open transversus abdominis muscle release procedures) requires an understanding of radiology and the ability to identify nuances of anatomy offered by the imaging. The use of mesh and extent of re-do hernia repairs has also complicated radiographic evaluation of hernias.

The text is a comprehensive review of abdominal wall imaging broken down into individual types of hernia. Each hernia type is discussed with consideration to the best type of imaging evaluation, unique radiographic findings and considerations prior to repair. Representative images, diagrams and videos are used to point out anatomy and features of the hernia. This text offers the first-of-its-kind standardized approach to evaluating hernias radiographically. Most importantly, each hernia and chapter is approached with the surgeon in mind, meaning, authors explain the radiology based on anatomy and with a plan for surgical repair on the horizon. Select chapters include illuminating videos to give context to the text.

This is an ideal guide for practicing surgeons and trainees treating patients with hernias.