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Fundamentals of Maternal Pathophysiology

ISBN: 9781119864684
ISBN: 9781119864684
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Fundamentals of Maternal PathophysiologyAn introduction to pathophysiology specifically tailored to the needs of midwives

Professional standards of proficiency require that midwives develop a robust understanding of pathophysiology, the study of disordered physical processes including disease and injury. This dedicated text equips both aspiring and registered midwives with the foundational understanding of pathophysiology required to deliver the best patient care.

An understanding of pathophysiology is paramount for the delivery of safe and effective care during the various stages of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery. This understanding provides midwives with the insight to recognise and respond promptly to complications, fostering optimal outcomes for the mother and the newborn. Early recognition is pivotal, allowing for timely interventions that can significantly influence maternal and fetal well-being.

A holistic approach to care is the cornerstone of midwifery and an understanding of pathophysiology allows midwives to consider the physical, emotional and social aspects of a woman’s health. This holistic perspective contributes to a more comprehensive and person-centred model of care.

This user-friendly introduction is not only a foundational text but also a practical resource for practicing midwives. Informed by the latest research and reflective of current best practices, this book stands as an indispensable tool for this indispensable profession.

Tailored for both undergraduate and graduate midwifery students, as well as registered midwives returning to practice, this resource is an invaluable asset in advancing pathophysiological knowledge within midwifery practice.