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Gastric Cancer: the 25-year R-Evolution

Part of the book series: Updates in Surgery

ISBN: 9783030731571
ISBN: 9783030731571
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Part of the book series: Updates in Surgery

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Twenty-five years ago, a monograph on gastric cancer was published by the Italian Society of Surgery: that book is recognized as a milestone in the management of these tumors in Italy. Oncological and surgical knowledge in the field of gastric cancer have changed dramatically over the last 25 years. The aim of this book is to offer an essential update on current diagnostic approaches and optimal treatment strategies. It gives comprehensive information on gastric cancer not neglecting the basic sciences, which can shed light on the carcinogenesis mechanisms involved in this pathology. The principles of tailored and multimodal treatment are examined according to the latest guidelines with the aim of providing a valuable synopsis for clinicians.

The book not only reviews what has changed in the field of gastric cancer over the past quarter century but also offers the reader a glimpse of the future by describing the ongoing surgical and oncological trials which focus on new treatment frontiers such as immunotherapy and target therapy. It also seeks to incorporate the latest discoveries based on molecular classifications. Further, the book reflects the findings and experiences of Italian experts belonging to the GIRCG (Italian Research Group for Gastric Cancer) and will offer an excellent guide for oncological surgeons in their daily practice of caring for patients affected by gastric cancer.