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Greenfield’s Neuropathology 10e Set

ISBN: 9780367895082
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Greenfield’s is the world’s leading neuropathology reference. It provides a comprehensive account of the pathological findings in neurological disease, their biological basis, and their clinical manifestations. The two volume work provides a remarkable text which is clear, comprehensive and precise with exceptional illustrations. The tenth edition features fully updated sections covering CNS tumours, neurodegeneration, skeletal muscle, epilepsy, paediatric and forensic neuropathology.Expert coverage from an international team of Editors and contributors ensures authoritative and up to date content. The two volume set includes a downloadable and easily used e-version.

This is a tried and tested reference for scientists, clinicians, researchers, and students who wish to learn more about neurological disease.


Volume OneSection 1: General Pathology of the Nervous System. Diseases of brain synapses and neuronal architecture. Astrocyte functions in health and disease. Oligodendrocytes. Microglia. Ependymal cells and choroid plexus. Cellular inclusions and artefacts. Basic Pathophysiology. Section 2: Cerebrovascular Disorders.Vascular disease, hypoxia and consequences. Section 3: Developmental Neuropathology and Metabolic Disorders. Normal development of the nervous system. Acquired disorders of childhood. Malformations. Metabolic and degenerative disorders of childhood. Lysosomal disorders. Peroxisomal disorders,Mitochondrial disorders. Section 4: Epilepsy.Epilepsy pathology. Section 5: Neuroinflammatory Disorders Demyelinating disorders.Immune-related disorders.Section 6: Neurodegenerative disorders.Neurodegenerative diseases:classification. Pathogenesis and concepts. Movement disorders. Degenerative ataxic disorders. Motor neurone disorders.Cognitive decline.PrP proteinopathies. Alzheimer’s disease (A-beta and Tau proteinopathy). Synuclein proteinopathies.Tau proteinopathies. TDP-43 proteinopathies.FUS/FET proteinopathies.Trinucleotide repeat disorders. Miscellaneous proteinopathies and neurodegenerative conditions. Ageing-related pathologies of the brain. Mixed pathologies of the ageing and neurodegenerating brain.Diagnostic approach to the neuropathology of neurodegenerative diseases.

Volume Two. Section 7:Infections of the Nervous System.Viral infections of the nervous system. Bacterial, fungal, protozoal and parasitic infections of the nervous system.Section 8: Nutritional and Toxic Disorders. Nutritional and toxic disorders.Section 9: Neurotrauma. The neuropathology of traumatic brain injury  Section 10: Neuro-oncology. Introduction to tumours. Adult-type diffuse gliomas. Paediatric-type diffuse gliomas. Circumscribed astrocytic gliomas. Glioneuronal and neuronal tumours. Ependymal tumours. Choroid plexus tumours. Embryonal tumours. Pineal tumours. Tumours of the peripheral nerves. Meningiomas. Mesenchymal non-meningothelial tumours. Germ cell tumours. Melanocytic tumours. Lymphomas and haematopoietic neoplasms. Pituitary and suprasellar tumours. Cysts and tumour-like conditions. Metastatic disease. Hereditary tumour syndromes. CNS reactions to anti-neoplastic therapies.Section 11: Psychiatric and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Pathology of psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders.Section 12: Neuromuscular Disorders Peripheral nerve pathology. Skeletal muscle disorders