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Group Psychodrama for Dementia, Old Age, and Loneliness. Trusting the Process 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781032343587
ISBN: 9781032343587
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Group Psychodrama for Dementia, Old Age, and Loneliness offers a fresh approach for professionals working with older individuals by employing new and exciting custom methodologies in psychodrama, particularly for clients with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

This book offers a general explanation of the use of psychodrama by giving an overview of the therapeutic use of drama in all its forms, clearly explaining the concepts and methods, and describing the rationale of every intervention while also following a group over six years with precious documentation of the group process. It addresses the main concerns of those who suffer from dementia – adjusting to a new and changing level of functioning, fostering a sense of belonging, preserving their innate dignity, and redefining relationships and roles.

This practical guide will help therapists, social workers, family and other caregivers, teachers, and medical professionals working with older clients seeking comfort from the loneliness of old age and dementia using group psychodrama.


1. Essential Background
2. Initiating the Process
3. Techniques and Tools
4. Observing the Process
5. Understanding the Process
6. Coping with the Process
7. Adapting the Process
8. Beyond the Process
9. Appendix