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Guide for Advanced Nursing Care of the Adult with Congenital Heart Disease

ISBN: 9783031075971
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The aim of this book is to provide one central resource for nurses within the adult spectrum of life-long congenital heart disease care who are seeking expert guidance for their practice, regardless of clinical setting. Over the past 50 years, advances in surgical techniques and medical therapies have drastically improved the number of congenital heart disease patients surviving into adulthood, with the result being that there are now more adults then children living with congenital heart disease. In the past three decades, recognition of this new cardiology subspecialty has given way to formalized programs, standards of care, and multidisciplinary expertise. Indeed Nursing care of adult patients with congenital heart disease (ACHD) is a relatively new medical subspecialty with limited knowledge and guidance available and also an important component of the multidisciplinary care team. Nursing care of the ACHD encompasses a holistic approach to the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual wellbeing of these unique individuals across their lifespan. Understanding the intricacies for the various heterogeneous defect types, the transition from pediatric to adult care, the unique educational and self-care needs, life-events such as pregnancy/reproduction, advanced heart failure, and end-of-life care helps prepare the nurse caring for the ACHD patient. Nurses as a first point of care for the ACHD patients play a pivotal role in the education and empowerment of the ACHD patient population and provide an invaluable role in the multidisciplinary team and with this guide nurses can feel confident in the quality of the care they provide.

This book aims to introduce nursing focused care to wider audiences, nurses, medical technicians, and physicians who are involved in the management and treatment of ACHD patients. Improving care and the quality of life for adult congenital heart disease patients with a multidisciplinary team-based approach, including nursing care, should be a central goal for all ACHD programs.