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Gynaecological Oncology for the MRCOG

ISBN: 9781316638712

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  • Written with the MRCOG examination requirements at its core, this book offers an extensive and up-to-date review of the full range of gynaecological cancers. The principles of epidemiology, imaging and treatment modalities are presented in a succinct and clinically focused manner. Each gynaecological cancer features in a stand-alone chapter, incorporating information on clinical issues, staging and principles of management. Genetic conditions and surgical principles are analysed, as well as topics such as palliative care, holistic approaches and communication. RCOG guidelines and Scientific Advisory Committee advice feature throughout the book. While authoritative and factual, the text is concise and clear. Flow-charts and diagrams support the assimilation of complex information, while practical tips, management algorithms, and clinical images enhance each chapter. Essential for those preparing for the MRCOG examination, this book is a comprehensive resource for health professionals working with gynaecological cancers, and those who want to further understand gynaecological oncology.
    • The book is vital for the MRCOG examination with staging, statistics, management and outcomes for the full range of gynaecological cancers written in an easy-to-read format
    • Includes the basics of epidemiology, imaging and treatment modalities, which previously were difficult to find written in a succinct and clinically focused manner
    • RCOG guidelines and Scientific Advisory Committee material are used throughout the book to minimize conflicting advice in relation to clinical scenarios
    • The latest staging guidelines are detailed and presented in pictorial format, enabling straightforward learning
    • format: Paperback
    • dimensions: 246 x 189 mm


1. Epidemiology of gynaecological cancers Anjum Memon and Aisha El-Turki
2. Pathology of gynaecological cancers Raji Ganesan and Jo Vella
3. Imaging in gynaecological oncology Susan Freeman, Helen Addley and Penelope Moyle
4. Concepts of treatment approaches in gynaecological oncology Mohamed Khairy
5. Radiation therapy for gynaecological malignancies Christopher Stephen Kent and Paul Symonds
6. Systemic therapy in gynaecological cancers Benjamin Masters and Anjana Anand
7. Pre-invasive disease, screening and hereditary cancer Dhivya Chandrasekaran, Faiza Gaba and Ranjit Manchanda
8. Surgical principles in gynaecologic oncology Jane Borley and Maria Kyrgiou
9. Role of laparoscopic surgery Hans Nagar
10. Ovarian, fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancer (and borderline) Hilary Turnbull and Timothy Duncan
11. Endometrial cancer Cathrine Holland
12. Cervical and vaginal cancer Claire Louise Newton and T. A. Mould
13. Vulval cancer Carmen Gan and Ketan Gajjar
14. Uterine sarcomas Helen Bolton and Mahmood Shafi
15. Non-epithelial ovarian tumours and gestational trophoblastic neoplasia Michael J. Seckl and Christina Fotopoulou
16. Palliative care Sara Booth and Mary McGregor
17. Living with cancer Andy Nordin and Manas Chakrabarti
18. Communication in gynaecological oncology Nicholas Wood and Georgios Theophilou.