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Handbook of Intravenous Fluids

ISBN: 9789811904998
ISBN: 9789811904998
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This easy to use pocket book covers all aspects of intravenous fluid therapy in critically ill patients from applied physiology to bedside clinical management succinctly. It includes updated and evidence-based content on intravenous fluid therapy. The book is divided into four sections; first section covering review of physiology, second section describing different resuscitation agents, third section discussing fluid therapy in various clinical conditions and final section providing a rational approach to prescribing intravenous fluid. Each chapter starts with a case scenario followed by an introduction focusing on the learning objectives and take home message and recommendation at the end. Each chapter includes a summary of important clinical trials in the field, especially useful for students. The book maintains uniform style throughout the chapters, written in simple language and includes charts, boxes, tables and figures.

The book is useful for all clinicians dealing with acutely ill patients including (but not limited to) intensivists, emergency physicians, anaesthesiologists, internists, other physicians and surgeons as well as trainees.