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Handbook of Old Age Liaison Psychiatry

ISBN: 9781108408516
ISBN: 9781108408516
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About the Authors
  • This essential new handbook provides practical and essential information on old age liaison psychiatry in the general hospital setting, for use in everyday practice. Covering the assessment and management of older people’s mental health, it addresses the most common day-to-day clinical presentations and conditions. The book provides a unique and valuable insight into the emotional and psychological challenges that older people and their families face in hospital, when dealing with both physical health and social crises. Featuring contributions from a range of experts from diverse medical and psychiatric specialities on topics such as service development, use of technology, ethical issues, safeguarding procedures and evidence-based practice for effective management. The book shines a light on the integration of mental and physical health for older people and the importance of managing all aspects of care, alongside the impact of each on mental health. An essential guide for hospital clinicians across all specialties.
    • Information is presented in a clear and digestible manner that is applicable to the reality of acute hospitals, providing easy access to the latest psychiatric knowledge for all clinicians in acute hospitals and primary care who deal with the elderly population
    • Offering expertise from experts across a range of specialties including liaison psychiatry, old age psychiatry, geriatric medicine, law, psychology and community care, to demonstrate the importance of integrated mental and physical health when managing older people in different hospital departments
    • Designed for the acute hospital physician, proving a modern approach to a wide variety of psychiatric challenges in acute hospitals


Introduction: geriatric medicine and old age psychiatry Rob Wears
1. Psychological well-being in later life Dr Andrew Papadopoulos
2. The epidemiology of mental illness in older people in acute hospitals
a growing challenge for the liaison psychiatrist Christiana Elisha-Aboh and George Crowther
3. Elderly friendly environment Khalid Ali
4. Communication with older people Sarmishtha Bhattacharyya and Susan Benbow
5. Privacy and dignity in acute hospitals Eve Braithwaite and Sean Ninan
6. Liaison psychiatry and law Hugh Series
7. Safeguarding adults Sarah Murphy and Sabeena Pheerunggee
8. Carers needs
during and after admission David Jolley, Brenda Roe and Caroline Sutcliffe
9. Dementia and related disorders Farooq Khan and Dr Ayesha Bangash
10. Causes and management of BPSD in acute hospitals Ravinder Kaur Hayer and George Tadros
11. Delirium Mani Santhana Krishnan, Josie Jenkinson and Rashi Negi
12. Depression and associated disorders Wendy Burn, George Crowther and Eimear Devlin
13. Suicide assessment and management Peter Byrne and Cate Bailey
14. Fear and anxiety in acute settings Andrew Papdobopoulos, Osama Refaat and George Tadros
15. Late onset psychosis and related disorders Simon Thacker and Katie Ward
16. Drug and alcohol misuse in older people Tony Rao and Cathy Symonds
17. Perioperative medical management of elderly patients Atef Michael and Nonyelum Obiechina
18. Parkinson’s disease and degenerative neurological disorders Sally Jones
19. Comprehensive geriatric assessment Khalid Ali
20. Interface with community services Ben Underwood, Rosalind Tandy and Emad Sidhom
21. Psychometric scales in elderly care Tareq Qassem.