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Handbook of Thyroid and Neck Ultrasonography. An Illustrated Case Compendium with Clinical and Pathologic Correlation

ISBN: 9783031184475
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Incidentally discovered thyroid nodules and palpable neck masses present a common clinical problem. Further evaluation with neck ultrasound helps to characterize these lesions and stratify the risk of malignancy. Based on ultrasound characteristics, these lesions can be better defined using pathologic and other clinical data in order to determine the best management.

This practical handbook is a case compendium based on thyroid and neck ultrasonography patterns that are commonly encountered in clinical practice. A chapter will be designated for each of the major types of thyroid nodule ultrasound features, and additional chapters will be designated for other non-thyroid neck lesions. Beginning with imaging (photographic) examples of each of the ultrasound findings, clinical cases will be used to subdivide each feature and illustrate the differential diagnoses of the various types of thyroid and neck lesions. Associated cytology and histopathology images will be shown and described, as well as clinical data, including relevant history, physical exam, molecular marker results and clinical course. Chapters will include bulleted key points for quick reference as well as suggested readings for further investigation.

While several handbooks exist to educate readers about neck and thyroid ultrasonography and about cytopathology, this is a unique work that combines ultrasound and pathology data into a case-based, easy-to-read and concise format that fits in your pocket, adapting common terminology that is emerging for ultrasound, which will allow readers to employ a “standardized” approach to evaluating nodules, depending on the risk scoring system used.